Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home from Kenya

I returned home from Kenya (on a mission trip with my church) to a wonderful welcoming at the airport from family and friends ....and of course Joshua. He was so strong during my time away, but missed mommy dearly. The trip was so amazing - experiencing every emotion possible....and even found a new dear friend or two. The children and people of Kenya are beautiful - and in such dark circumstances - they have joy. As I see these children, I think often of Lauren in Nepal and the life circumstances there. I've certainly learned a new level of patience in Kenya - which I know will come in handy during our adoption wait. Upon return to the states - I checked my yahoo group to see if any news occurred since I was gone. The group seems so discouraged by the wait and events in Nepal...but there seems to be a small glimmer of hope on one of the recent posts - maybe even suggesting the process is moving again. I pray for these families - and hope those matched will travel soon. I confess I have doubts - as the time delays are so frustrating -- and I know the 2009 families must be complete before the 2010 (or so it may seem - as appropriate to follow that logic)...although I'm learning in adoption - nothing is ever a guarantee. I mostly pray that God directs this path for us -- if we are to change course....I hope he tells us in loud and certain ways. For now...I patiently sit back - watch the process for others, pray....and enjoy the life I have and each moment in it..... I am very blessed. Renae.

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