Saturday, August 27, 2011

Longing for Lauren

I am longing, longing, longing for little "Lauren". The waiting is hard, and we're so ready to have her home. How big will she be, what will she be like, will she like our food, how will that LONG plane ride be, should I bring winter or summer clothes, will she cry and cry for her care givers? There are so many things unknown..... and the wait is so very hard.

We saw a Chinese little girl today....tiny, weighs 22 lbs, and wears 18 month clothes (with the back of the pants pinned together):) .... don't recall her exact age, but she's tiny for her age. She was running around this fabric store as cute as can be. It makes me think that all the clothes I have for Lauren are going to be huge for her -- I have very few 12 months clothes, mostly start at 18 months...but that's all in summer clothes.... her winter stuff is mostly 24 months and 2T (if we get her in January.... someone is going to have to do some fast shopping while we're gone, (if she smaller than 24 months in size). I'm hoping to have internet access at least once while we're on our trip - so maybe can communicate with Joshua and my mom ---I'm sure she and Joshua would love to shop for little Lauren while we're away. I'm hesitant to buy 12 month stuff now... because she might be bigger than again, we wait to see :) I can't even imagine what it will be like to be in India -- I know I have certain expectations, but really most of them I've set aside - but I'm sure things will be different than what my imagination can come up with. I know it will be a very special God-time though .... just like our time in Kenya .... we worried (well I should say "I" worried and worried).. but once on the ground in Kenya and at our guest house, it felt so right.... and our trip to the village...felt so right...our time with the children was perfect...and I knew that God has called us (Brad and I) to a very special mission for a very special moment in time.... that's the kind of special God-time that I know He has in store for us in India. Can't wait to see you .... sweet girl. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rise and Shine Little Lauren

I love having India time on our blog -- I go there just to check on the time and wonder what you're doing... little Lauren. Now it's early morning on Sunday - I wonder if the streets are busy even on Sunday there in India -- or if you find Sundays are a day of peace and quiet around the orphange.

Brad and I had a great talk about you, life, our Christian walk, and the community we are in sharing all of this together. It is wonderful having a community of people to share life with... although when you come home, Miss Lauren -- your community will be initially VERY small... everyone tells us.. no parties, no fanfare...for at least 30 days...and some say 6 months! I can't wait to have you home. Even on a day like today, where our family spent a big part of the day home, cleaning, everyone pitching in...then a fun few hours at the local "Art Fair" in the park. It was a great day... longing for you to share it with. Gotta go -- need to get to bed to be able to get up for church :)

For you, Little Lauren... I hope your Sunday is filled with laughter, fun, and even a few surprises from those around you that love and care so much for you.


Friday, August 19, 2011

New Discovery - Groovy Girls Dolls

At our church consignment sale I posted about previously, I picked up this little brown skinned soft doll -- she was cute, had what looked like a white lab coat on...and in the bag was also a stuffed parrot in a cage. Ok, I know this sounds weird, but honestly, I just thought the doll was cute, toddler safe, and I loved her brown skin, long hair (which is nearly impossible to find in dolls for children of color) I could see this being something a little girl from India would like, if not as a toddler, certainly as a little girl. Well, little did I know... I accidently discovered some of the cutest ethnic dolls made by Groovy Girls owned by Manhattan Toys...which is one of our favorite brands. These dolls celebrate diversity and everyone's unique self / style / personality. I just love the idea of this...not so sure about the "groovy" part - as I think our society is obsessed with exterior looks...but certainly the celebration and validation of diversity and who one is on the inside is worth the shout yes, I'm likin' the Groovy Girl dolls for sure. Check out their website -- and I promise if you listen to the song a few times it will become a favorite too :)

Whether our little "Lauren" wants to stand out as her own unique individual, wear bright colors, and show her own style ...or just wants to blend in and is quiet and shy.... I'm sure she'll be our little groovy girl....and we will be over the top in love with her for who she is inside and out! (And if she doesn't like dolls....there's always an upcoming Lil Lambs sale). :)

For all the groovy girl PAPs out there -- Happy Friday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joshua's First Day of Kindergarten

J-man had a great first day of all day school. Last year he went to the same school for transitional kindergarten - for 1/2 day -- so this year - first day was a breeze. He loved it... although he did say when I picked him up and asked how was your day...his reply, "rules, rules, rules"... favorite part of the day..."recess outside".... I guess he's normal :) We have such a great, loving, Christian school.... it is fabulous and doesn't lack one bit in educational content. We are blessed that he loves to learn. See pics of our big boy.
He loves his Superman lunch box.

Yep backpack is as big as he is.... I love that he and little "Lauren" will be at the same school together one day... I'm sure he will show her the ropes....look out for her... and protect her :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Day at Holiday World

Well, yesterday was a huge hit for Brad, Nana (my mom), and Joshua... they got home late last night -- tired and all smiles after a great day on water rides, slides, and such. Joshua got my mom on about every water slide, tube, raft, and log ride available. My mom is the ever trooper - especially when it comes to her grandson. They met a family at the park with a daughter adopted from India -- it was one of the blessings of their day. This family was so sweet - and mom said this 4 yr. old little girl was precious and so very tiny....I consider these moments a love note from God saying...."keep hanging on...she's on her way home, all in good time" :) Brad asked for their best advice -- they said, "six month home alone with this little one -- not a lot of visitors, just quiet, intentional family time...and she really bonded well with them" -- I have to confess... I'm the type of gal that loves to shout from the mountains my joy -- about my God-- and about this little girl we will bring staying home for six months alone, really???...without family and friend celebrations, really?? parties??, not sharing her with church... with neighbors...with strangers at the grocery... I'm that all outgoing passionate mom (I don't do quiet very well)... so, looks like God might have a lesson for me to learn in this one... sometimes I just hate His lessons :) (but I know they are good..because it's less of me and more of Him). Stay tuned on how all that turns out... I'm sure it will be ever present in my thoughts when the time comes :)

Today, Josh and I are off to meet his new teacher, see his room, and take in school supplies. It's crazy when the list of supplies is so large now that you have to take the bags the day before school starts, because clearly they would never fit in the kid's backpack. Oh well, it's a sign of the times, I say.... everything is financially tight, especially schools. So glad my treasures are in heaven....although I do need to remind myself of that from time to time.

We have a count-down going in our imaginary clock for our NOC approval - hoping by mid-September - so we're looking at just about one month. Time is going by so quickly... it will be winter before we know it.... would love nothing better than spending a few weeks this winter in a warm environment - say INDIA???

All for now... the sun is shining and this is my last day with J-man before school starts tomorrow....making it a great day! ~Renae

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thankful for a full life

The last few days of summer before school starts -- our little Joshua goes to Kindergarten. It's really not that big of a deal, since he went to Transitional Kindergarten last year - and it's the same school. Although this year he's going all day. Today is open house - but I'll be going alone. Joshua, Nana (my mom), and Brad are off today on one last summer outing to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana - amusement park and splash park - great fun... we were there over 4th of July...see pics below. Praying for a fun day for them - and safe arrival home :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little heart longing for his sister

Joshua amazes me sometimes...... how he shows signs of really longing for his little sister to be home .... of course we've been getting Lauren's room ready -- and along the way, buying toddler toys (or getting out some of his old ones that had been stored away)... so of course he wants to play in her room -- but next, he alphabetizes her books on her shelf... and runs across a lullaby CD... brings in the small CD player into her room and proceeds to "listen to some nice baby music".... as he's playing and organizing. I too am working in her room, along with daddy helping sort books... while Joshua is humming along to the lullaby music. Really a great moment, just our family working in our little girl's future room. On other days he practices made up stories with the Little People airplane, school bus, and dollhouse.. of stories he plans to tell "Lauren". It's such an interesting thing... he doesn't ask all the time, "when will Lauren be home", but I know he's always thinking about her - just like we are... it's different than going on vacation and saying, "are we there yet"... or "when is christmas"...or "how many days until my birthday"... this is a different kind of quiet anticipation that we all feel... and this little "almost" 6 year old is right there with us.. quietly waiting. At the moment... praying for NOC in next 30 days :) ~Renae

CARA reviews on hold for India adoptions

Another blog I follow indicated CARA is on hold for reviewing dossiers until their new procedures are put in place and worked out. When I asked our agency, they said for those currently in the process, this won't impact us. I pray that's the case. With international adoption you never know. We all so badly want our little ones home. We are at the NOC stage - so I'm hoping that is close or past the stage of where the files are being put on hold. One positive note to consider - India seems very consistent with their adoption processing - both domestic and international. Kids do come into families each year - so it really seems that they will move files as soon as they possibly can. Pray for those families with children referred and in the process, that it continues on while these changes in procedures are happening for new files. I have such a peace about this, however, because I know that God's timing is perfect - He is sovern over all the earth - and only He knows the perfect time, place, and events that will accomplish His plan. For this I am thankful that He's in the driver's seat. Have a blessed day! ~Renae

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting a blog facelift

Hi everyone - so what do you think so far about the new look of our blog. A friend is working on it for us --- and so far we love it. I love to see what time it is in India and the temperature! It helps me focus on little Lauren as we're always wondering what she's up to. No word yet on NOC approval -- but we're still ever hopeful. Had a great time this weekend shopping at the largest church children's consignment sale in Lexington - called Lil Lambs -- unbelievable really! Check out photos on their link - it was so much fun buying some winter stuff for Lauren and great prices :)

Like everyone else, we're getting ready for back to school - Joshua's school wears uniforms - so it really makes "back to school" much easier! We are very excited to see his new classroom - and he's excited to meet new friends. He'll be going to Kindergarten - all day -- and has a new Superman Lunch box -- that even has a cape! Never thought a kid would be so excited about packing a lunch. Fall soccer starts soon - we love this league we're in -- it's easy going - everyone plays, and everyone loves and encourages each other... and it's a pretty short season...just enough to be ready to be done when it's over.

Of course, we're waiting patiently for word on Lauren....and continue to prepare. At the consignment sale I found a small dollhouse, little people, etc... and Joshua spent over an hour in her room setting it up for her... he's going to make a great big brother -- and we can tell he's really wanting her home as much as we are.

Thank you so much for keeping her in your prayers.