Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Certainly time for an update

Well, it's been months and a lot has happened - here's the 30 second version -- moved from Nepal program to the India program... have home study done.... adoption education done (that was interesting, challenging, and eye-opening)... have home study and I800A mailed off to Homeland Security....and now waiting for fingerprints.

What's yet to come: - prints, referral, medical evaluation, and travel.... agency says it's not too much to hope for that she will be home before Christmas 2011.

What have we been doing in the meantime? Joshua entered a new school -- he LOVES it. Brad and Renae still working. Brad and Renae JUST returned this last Sunday from a mission trip in Kenya, Africa. Amazing time with Kenyan children and friends of ours. Planning for this trip has been a great way to take our minds off of the adoption. Joshua is 5 now...tall as ever...and waiting anxiously for his little sister....oh, and I forgot to mention, during our home study, Brad springs on the idea of getting qualified for siblings! So if that is in God's plan, we'll have two children from India...but in order for us to accept them the law would require they be younger than Joshua -- giving the India program..this is unlikely, but with God anything is possible... we'll be totally happy either way.... but just hoping that by the end of 2011 we are a family of 4 or 5 :) Joshua has already got bids on holding "Lauren" for our Christmas card this upcoming year. Waiting with great anticipation.

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