Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Praying for our children - blog girlfriends

Being connected through adoption blogs is one of the best things in our adoption life. It started with a committment to pray for one little special girl for a "blog-girlfriend". That started a burning desire in me to begin praying for these children name. God has been so faithful to provide His words of comfort and assurance during my prayer time. Of course on these blogs we don't share real names of our children until they are ours and at to not expose them in any way... (as a result you can see in an earlier post -- our daughter's birth name is not "Lauren" -- it is something else). Well tonight, I'm here to share the initial of her birthname... it's "A".... you'll see why in a minute that I share this :) Well, praying for our children is really growing in my heart -- and it's hard to remember all their "names / initials"... so I've come up with the following..this helps me remember to pray for 4 little ones every day during my quiet daily commute to work. It truly has been a blessing. I really can't wait to hear news about any of these children!

"C" -- Christ
"A" -- Already
"V" -- Victorious
"R" -- Rejoice

These initials represent 4 precious children that families are waiting for! I know there are many more families waiting for news of their child, and we continue to pray for India in general as well. It is an honor to share such a personal life story with blog-girlfriends.... thanks to all of you for the encouragement... where two or more are gathered Christ is surely there. XOXOX - Renae.


  1. Oh, Renae, your support is priceless. :) When I look at the clock and see it is 6:45, I tangibly feel the Lord's comfort and peace!

    "A" is in my prayers, too!

    It is the Lord's gift that He gives us friends to strengthen one another in Him!

  2. God is all about answering your beautiful prayers..He is just so very good like that! Plus, He loves these little ones! Praying, praying, praying for each of these precious children.