Thursday, June 30, 2011

Received I800 approval today!

We are so excited... today in the mail we received our I800 approval from Homeland Security to bring "Lauren" home. We are thrilled to have moved one more step towards our little girl. We pray for her often and wonder what she's doing, if she's happy and healthy. We are ready for her to be home, we have clothes and shoes of multiple and her room is all set. We don't allow ourselves to really think she'll be home yet this year.... since we've been told it will likely be Jan, Feb, or March of next year... but wow what a great Christmas gift that would be. Our agency is making a trip, I believe in we might get updated pictures... can't wait for that!

Well, gotta go...need to pack for our little weekend trip to a wedding and Holiday World.... Joshua can't wait...the water slides are great, we hear. If I don't go soon.... Joshua will have every game and puzzle he owns stacked up ready to be loaded in the van... so I need to supervise his choices for things to take along :) He's so cute... this kid LOVES vacation and staying in hotels with mommy and daddy... swimming in hotel pools... and really just experiencing travel and places he hasn't been before. Here's hoping Lauren is as good a traveler as he is.... really gotta go... Joshua just asked, "mommy are these good choices as he's stacked up several puzzles"... good thing we have a van.



  1. Congrats on your approval! We are currently waiting for our approval and hope to have it soon! I'm sure it feels good to have the bulk of the paperwork done, and now you're able to wait and give it over to God! Thanks for letting us join you on your journey!

  2. Nikki - what agency are you using...would be great to travel with someone that we can share this journey with. ~Renae