Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last of the Paperwork

On Wed. June 1st we sent off our last paperwork - I800, I864, and DS230 - all forms accepting our referral and asking for approval to bring her to the U.S. - also VISA application. It felt great to get all the paperwork done! Now the waiting continues...they say still another 8 months - 10 months to travel, but we're praying for sooner. Either way, it's going to be a great 2012! We are so ready -- her room is ready, we have some clothes for her, toys, and books.

We have also been blessed by our fund raising project. We are blown away by the generosity of people... we are well on our way to funding all remaining expenses. We just can't believe it sometimes.

For now, this summer...Renae plans to take off as much vacation time as possible spending it with Joshua at the pool, park, and play-time. This will be his last summer before going into all-day school -- so we want him to get lots of rest and fun before the fall. He's a great kid, no doubt.. we are blessed. We aren't taking a "real vacation" this year - saving for adoption, etc...but we are doing a few small weekend trips. One is 4th of July! A college friend is getting married -- so we can't wait to attend the wedding -- should be a great time...catching up with all my BFFs. What's great about those kind of friends... is that when you do see them, it's like you were together just the day before.... time and distance doesn't change a thing. So looking forward to that. to do some cleaning ...and then to enjoy this beautiful Kentucky weather. all for now... keep praying for our little Lauren.

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