Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures of what we've been up to....

Back from vacation - trying to catch up on adoption news.... sounds exciting on many fronts. Here are some pics and one matter of "housekeeping"... yep, I mentioned cutting off my hair... so upon request, here are pictures of before (when taking time to do my hair), before (how my hair was most often...tee hee.. you'll see)... and now, with it much shorter.

After drying and curling, spraying, etc.

But mostly it looked like this...pony tail, pony tail....UGH!

Now, it's blow and go.... sometimes a bit curling, but not much!!

Now on to Hilton Head pics.

We had a great time, only missed having daddy with us. He stayed home to work, but we are hoping he gets everything done quickly, so when it's time to go to India... we hop in the plane and Go! Nana went with us instead..and we had great fun. I'm sorry to say... I lost my small digital camera :( So sad, but in the big grand scheme of things... it's just stuff right.. and my memories have to be locked into my head. I did get a few pics on the iphone. I hadn't even started pictures on the digital yet for HH -- the pics I lost were likely from Kenya (which I think were already downloaded), maybe some silly Christmas pics, or Joshua pics... I really don't know..but it's ok.. all good. I'm not the best photographer -- need to take some tips from Mer, but here is what I have.

Joshua was in heaven with his friend Trey - who came down with his family too. Joshua and Trey are in the same class at school and they live just down the block from us... so they are BEST friends! Do to his privacy, I'm not posting most of the cute pictures of the boys together - because I haven't had a chance to ask his momma yet -- so here is a glimpse of the trip. Joshua loved every minute -- but if you ask him he'd say, "I saw two alligators basking in the sun, one in a pond, and Syracuse lost in the NCAA tournament"... yes, we did come inside from the sun to watch the CATS play Baylor... and now we are down to playing Indiana in the Final Four!! We LOVE our Kentucky Wildcats... and plan to go all the way!

our hotel backyard -- beautiful! And on the beach... take the winding path and step onto the sand....

Day #1 - waiting for Trey and his family to arrive - Joshua making him a sand castle for his birthday... we wrote "Happy Birthday" in the sand.

And now for the water.....

Day #2 - more playing in the sand ... no pics posted here - but have lots. And wave jumpin with my buddy -- can show behind the back scene here ... love behind the back shots.

Just relaxin' - this shot just Joshua -- have others with Trey too... they are so cute laying the hammock together -- some nice pics, others with silly faces... love these boys!

That's all for now.... just hanging around home now, waiting for that all important call with our court date! p.s. - also got little Miss' baptism dress in Hilton Head -- it's cream chiffon.... love it.. will post picture later. And of course she got a Salty Dog t-shirt, like the one mommy has at home in rasberry pink -- can't wait to use that for a matching therapy session! You know how it is in the world of adoption - we are always on the topic.... even on vacation!


  1. Renae, I LOVE your haircut. You look beautiful! And it looks like a fun and relaxing glad that you could get away.

  2. I think your pictures are WONDERFUL. :) I am so glad you were able to go on vacation. And I looooove the haircut. Thank you for doing a before and after for us.