Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whatcha been up to??? Oh, nothing......but GOING nuts over this schedule

Two things - I've given up for Lent (along with giving up McD's diet coke...since lent is often about fasting from a food) and also the use of the computer for fun while my family is home..... soooo, while Brad and Joshua play disc golf, I got just a second to update.

Two .... nope, no real news on adoption trip. The best I can understand, is that when you get the call asking, "when is good for you to go to India", you need to say one of two things - "next 2 weeks is fine"... or "really anytime"..... for us, we (Brad and I) fretted over what date works with our schedules (and this occurred over a period of ONE evening)... but it seems that by the time we got back with our agency... India government was closed in this region for a religious holiday. Also, keep in mind, when you are asked about something from your prepared for the answer, because by the time you get back to them....and they have the opportunity to communicate with India (keep in mind time difference, holidays, and weekends).... you just might miss a NARROW window of opportunity. (I may be exagerating a bit ...but it seems so). So for now, we placed our preferred travel week in the hands of our agency...we pray it doesn't offend the India culture / orphanage... and we wait to hear back....and we wait to hear back...and we wait to hear I've come up with a few minor things for any new PAP's to keep in mind...(notice, I deal with stress with humor)...not everyone "gets" me.

1.) When travel to your court appt. is near, consider asking if you should get a VISA (ahead of time).... expediting a VISA is expensive ..and you just might not really need it when you think. They are good for 6 months... so if you are SURE you will have both trips in the next six month, consider asking if you can get that taken care of in advance, save the expediting fees for a family weekend vacation, for school tuition, a college fund.....yep it's just that expensive.

2.) Don't marry a husband that implements IT systems or is a PMP (techie project manager).... it's really hard to explain why right at "go-live implementation" is not the ideal time to leave the country... instead marry a fireman or policeman -- these guys are like brothers and there is always someone who will cover for you :)

3.) Consider taking out stock in FedEx or Brown .... at least you'll be paying yourself back :) Can't count the amount of shipments we've made to overnight stuff.

4.) Tis the season for children's consignment sales.... need I say more?? spend that expediting fee on this!! YES!

5.) Make sure those home studies are updated and don't expire. On a real down day.... read through them our social worker, she interviews Joshua in the most amazing ways and she gets him to talk like crazy...they usually go upstairs to Lauren's room ... I find out about their conversation in the home study...this really did make me smile today when I read it, "He states that he is excited for his sister to come home soon so “I can play with her in her room and show her all the new toys we have for her.” Joshua also looks forward to “when my sister is old enough to read The Mouse and the Motorcycle with me, but we would have to go to the library first because that is who has the book.” I love this kid!

6.) Hold on to your faith! I think about Jesus, going from place to place.. living in the moment (well, I guess He did have a little foreknowledge of events to come)...but you get the point ... we can't control it folks, so at some point ...hold on for the ride and lean on Bride(groom). ok, maybe not so funny...had to make it rhyme.. you get the point. He is the way!

All for now... I think the boys are home:)


  1. Wow. What a journey you are on. I ran across your blog from Lisa's Fall India Trip blog I think. We are part of the JOH India program too. It helps to get some insight on what to expect. :) Praying that you hear something soon.

    1. We LOVE Journeys of the Heart! Can't say enough great things about them. :) You are in good hands. Do you have an adoption blog? if so, what's the address...

  2. ooohhhh...I was so hoping that you would be leaving any day now. I can hardly wait! I'm so excited for you. But, I am praying that you are able to get the timing that you asked for!

    That Joshua is soooo cute!

  3. Humor is wonderful, Renae. I definitely think it is from the Lord. :o) Praying for will get there. And through it all you are so glorifying the Lord...your love for Him shines through in all that you say and do.

  4. Love the humor! Being part of a changing process can be frustrating when you do not know what to expect. You can be a great comfort to all those families who will follow your journey.
    Thank you from a family following your journey.