Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Lessons from Kentucky Wildcats Team 2012

As some of you know.... we here in Kentucky LOVE our Wildcat Basketball. Its tradition, its excellence, and its winning. The pressure these young men face in front of thousands on game night is incredible... after all, a Kentucky fan EXPECTS a win. The fans and commentators can be really hard on these guys and the coach. It has been since 1998 that Kentucky has taken the prize of NCAA champion (that's the national winner of the grandest college basketball tournament).....so in the Big Blue Nation - that's been a long enough wait. We've had several good teams through the years, but none quite like the team of 2012! Here are some life lessons I've taken from this amazing group of guys.

1.) When you win - be humble and gracious and always complement the competition

2.) All great teams win together in community, the best team members will sacrifice for each other

3.) When you are the star, be willing to do the little things that don't bring the glory

4.) Be confident in WHO you are - don't try to be someone else

5.) Be thankful to others around you that have made sacrifices for you

6.) Find a leader and put your trust in Him

7.) Respect authority - even when things don't go your way

8.) Have poise in the struggle

9.) Live a life "off court" that is honorable, every day.

10.) And lastly, just because you are young, or others question your ability to shine in the final hour, don't let others define your abilities ....(remembering with Jesus anything is possible)....dare to dream.

I don't know these guys personally, but all that I've heard about them on and off the court .... leads me to believe they are truly a special group of young men. I pray God leads them down an amazing journey that he has designed for each and every one of them.

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  1. Oh, that was good. :) I loved your 10 lessons....they are so true!!!!