Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Message to our sweet Lauren

I love having India time on our blog - because it makes it so easy to think about what you might be doing at this very minute. It's Wednesday early morning in India as I write this....and tomorrow, Thursday you will be going to court - I'm not exactly sure if you actually attend, but I know that some people that love you dearly will be going on your behalf.

Sweet baby girl - are you as anxious and excited as we are? My heart is just pounding thinking of being with you in the very near future. It's been a long wait and I'm so excited to be able to share our life together and get to know each other. Today, I got your updated medical report - and you are doing great!

Joshua is often found roaming around the house doing something that I later find is "for Lauren".... and on Easter he placed your picture on your new high chair and put the chair at the dinner table .... this was a surprise to me and brought me great joy. Joshua longs for a sibling and it shows in everything he does. He's taken on a family down the street as his siblings, as they are playing together almost every day....but I know he's really just passing the time until you arrive :)

We love you baby girl .... I pray your little heart is prepared and we find an instant connection when we meet ... if not instant.. at least one of tentative trust to begin with. We have some great things planned for you for our time in India -- mainly playing, having snacks, and just being together - but based on all I know about you... I think you're going to love it.

Be a good girl - I'm sure your care givers are going to be sad at the thought of missing you ... tell them, we promise to take very good care of you - and give all our updates so they know how you are doing :)

Mommy and Daddy .... Joshua too.


  1. Oh Renae, this post makes it all seem so very real...and so very close! I'm excited for your family!