Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Ok, so I've fallen prey to the blogs that go out of sight for a bit -- let's face it, life with a three year old when you are 47 years old is tiring :)  -- but full and fun too!  But today, while kiddos are still sleeping since there is no school today, I thought I'd quickly catch you up :)

Joshua was sick on Valentines day.... so didn't get to go to school and have his party - but his wonderful teacher sent home some of his homework and his bag of valentines and candy... she's so sweet ... she also sent him a message, "Joshua, when I was in First grade, I missed my valentines day party too - and I remember my brother bringing home my cards and I sat at home and opened them one by one".... she is so awesome.... he LOVES her, so of course this made him feel so much better.  We are blessed to have her at our school.

Now little miss had a different experience.... she was all set for her party at school! First we put our lunch box away, this isn't my teacher....but EVERYONE knows me at school and helps out.

Hey - you brought the camera to school! Now you know I will want to take a turn and get a picture of YOU, momma.

 But wait, it's still early and I need to do my morning stretch :)

Now back to that camera thing, I'm only gonna smile if you promise to let me have a turn.  (Am I sassy or what?)

My turn, my turn, my of course I agreed and she got a lovely picture of my black pants, which I decided wasn't worth posting here :)

You can't catch me if I run into my classroom real

In my classroom, at circle, we each passed out Valentines cards.  This is all so very new to me...but I love little cardboard pictures. 

"Chank-chew" (thank you in her adorable little accent)

Now it's my turn..... I love this party.

And that's life with Lauren..... we are blessed. 


  1. She looks so happy and excited! And thanks for sharing your age -- I am 43, and so many people have said that we're crazy for starting over with a 2-year-old at our ages. It's nice to have some company is crazy-town. :o)

    1. Totally!! Brad and I recently at the dinner table after a very long day said, "how long will it be before they will be in college??".... LOL. Most people say, "it will keep you young", so yep - I'll go with that.... you can too :)