Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quick check in

So my blogging has taken a bit of downturn.... we've just been so busy and most of the time when I'm at the computer - Lauren wants to come and look at pictures, play, color, etc... so it's hard to ignore that sweet face :)  But yep - it's 5 am and I'm up - can't get back to sleep -- so what to do??? BLOG!!

On our girl - she's still sleeping in her bed - although does wake up about 1/3 of the time and needs comforted (put back to sleep)....hence why I'm up at 5 right now :)  - usually I can go right back to sleep, but after being sick and sleeping for 9 hours after church yesterday.....not tonight.

She's getting speech therapy at her school - this along with the Leappad2 - Alphabet Factory video is really enhancing her English skills.  She said "poop" the other day and we were all very proud :)  - of course at first we laughed because it came out of no where - so now, when we have company and she wants to show off, she just spurts it out....thankfully everyone understands and just accepts her the way she is.

I was sick recently and as I was laying in bed with a vomit bowel....roaring vomit -- she came to visit me up on the bed to inform me, "mommy.....stinky"...but then proceeded to take a kleenex and wipe my face and ask me, "ok??" - I assured her I was fine and she was happy to accept that, got up... closed the bedroom door and off to the park she went with daddy and Joshua.  I do have to say, she was particularly good these days when I was sick... kids are so intune, aren't they?  Well today I was more on the mend and she was silly goose tonight at bedtime... taunting us... wanting us to chase her and tickle her :)  Happy to have mommy back, no doubt.

She's a good girl, sweet and loving.... growing and learning.  She's about 30 lbs now! Ranging around 29 to 29.5 lbs most days, she loves to weigh herself and we cheer how big she's getting.  She's 3 1/2 - and is already wearing 3T and some 4T clothes!  Her 2T jeans used to fall below her tennis shoes (or close to the floor) and now it seems they are just over her tennis shoes - so we think she's grown in height maybe 1/2 inch to 1 inch - along with her belly growing (which pulls up those pants) :)   Those elastic waist draw thingys are awesome for these kiddos - because they can wear age appropriate clothes even when they are tiny - just suck in that waist elastic and you are good to go!  When you pick her up - she feels like a brick!  She's a solid girl, and it seems like muscle is abounding in her.  (she loves to help carry in groceries - which is so funny, because even when I give her light bags - she insists on taking several in one trip -- so this is GREAT weight bearing therapy!!)  ...and she drops the bags on the kitchen floor, like the rest of us with a, "whew".  Too funny.   

Eating has become a bit of a challenge - our great eater of all things chicken and veggie - has turned a bit into a selective eater....her new favorite thing is crunchy cheetos.  I'm thankful she still eats apples and tons of fruit cups too....of course her rice, and now also mac and cheese. 

She LOVES to play basketball, seriously.... Brad takes her to the YMCA and when it's open gym night and all the big kids are playing ball in 1/2 of the gym (usually volleyball on the other half)... they pull out on the basketball side a small lower to the ground basketball hoop - well she proceeds to get her ball from the rack, like all the big boys do it -- and just dribble right to her little hoop with daddy... it's really a sight to be seen.  She's the only girl on the court - and when her ball bounces away, she has no problem running through the big guys to retrieve her ball -- occasionally one of their balls will hit her (in the back, on the head, whatever)...and she turns to give them a look --- the look on their face is priceless, like..."SOORRRY, little one".... Brad and I are amazed at how well she can dribble -- we don't have the heart to tell her she's going to be short more than likely, so unless she's a really talented guard, B-ball is likely not in the cards for her.  But who knows.  You ask, can she make a basket??  Well, not yet -- it takes daddy putting her on his shoulders to do that.... she's still just too short and doesn't have the strength to really get the ball high enough even for the little basket hoop, but she certainly tries....and tries...she's a determined little one.

It occurred to me HOW she's getting so good at dribbling..... one day, I picked her up early from school and because it is winter, her school doesn't go outside for recess / gross motor time when it's real cold or wet -- but instead has a full gym (her school is in an old elementary school)... and guess what, 1/2 of the gym is full of basketballs and a little hoop for kiddos -- and the other 1/2 of the gym is for kids that want to ride on little plastic cars, etc.... push trucks around, etc.  Well, guess where I found her.  Her teacher says that is her favorite spot and she plays basketball every day!  No wonder she knows how to dribble!!   Well....she is in the Blue Nation, after all -- although our Wildcats are having a "building year" - this year.  It's ok, we still love our cats!  Can't wait til little miss is old enough to maybe even take her to a game. 

On Joshua - he and Lauren continue to be great friends - wrestling on the floor - tickling, chasing each other.  Lauren does all things Joshua!  He is accepting of her constant loving and hanging on him - sharing the recliner for cartoons, etc.  He does love her - but like all little sisters - does get annoyed some times...but hey, he wouldn't be normal if he didn't.  When he plays with the neighbor boys and Lauren has to stay home -- she cries for him...always wanting her "bye-ah" near here after school, etc.  When he leaves it breaks her heart - as if she's wondering if she will ever see him again, then when he runs in the back door - she greets him with open arms and a hug and all is well.  She does calm down when he leaves, but it is hard right at first.  She loves him deeply....no doubt.  It's interesting about these kiddos, I'm curious, do any of your adopted children really attach to a toy, doll, blanket or stuffed animal?  Lauren seems to play with things..and really enjoy them, loves her books etc., but it's people she's attached to?  She doesn't look to her stuffed Elmo, for example for comfort...or her blanket (although she likes her blanket)... it's almost as if these things have a purpose, but in her mind they are not for bonding or comfort.  Wondered if that is "normal".  I know Joshua had a favorite kitty and his blanket that he was attached to at night time in particular.  oh well, for now ... I will be her teddy bear :)


  1. It is truly amazing to see all the ways -- physically and otherwise -- that she is growing! Glad you're feeling better too . . . that is not a fun way to spend a weekend.

    1. It is amazing isn't it? On the mend - now Brad's got it ...UGH

  2. Replies
    1. Let's just hope she doesn't get in trouble at school... or church ... yikes.

  3. Thanks for the update! Sounds like everyone is doing wonderfully! Some of my adopted kids have attached to blankets, stuffed animals, etc. and some only want Mom or Dad for comfort. I think that it just depends on the child.

    1. Thanks Sarah - I love having you to bounce things off of :)

  4. We sent our little guy a bear back in September and he came home completely attached to it. He prefers both it and Mommy, but needs the bear to settle down at night. Sounds like your little girl is doing really really well! What a blessing!