Saturday, April 20, 2013

Potty train success and some other stuff :)

Just a quick update on life with Lauren.  :) 

We are in the throws of potty training, and she is doing so well.... we are so proud of her.  For those new to our blog - she's 3 1/2 and been home for about 7 months.  Our transition has been overall very good.... we have our days, but hey....every parent has those days, right? 

Her school is really helping with the potty training process.  They take her every 20 minutes to the bathroom - and if she's dry and goes - she gets a jelly bean.... if she doesn't go - then they try in another 10 minutes.  They are gradually extending the time and she is doing great!  She of course LOVES getting the candy -- "dandy" as she puts it.  At home we follow the same routine - only we take her about every 30-40 minutes.  She even went to the park recently for a good long time with no accidents..... this girl LOVES being outside. So we are well on our way to fully potty trained success.

I recall when we started the adoption process.... our agency told us that the ages of 2-3 really are a great age to bring a child home.  They are still young enough to be a "baby" yet old enough to know enough about what is going on with joining a new family, etc.  I think Lauren secretly likes for me to call her "my baby" - but she also loves to be independent - and do things on her own... so there is a real delicate balance between nuture and also letting this little bird fly.... we are so proud of how she's doing.

She is still taking speech therapy at her school to work on English development.  She's started to really take off with the english language -- trying to say anything...... and her crying or fussing when things don't go her way is really diminishing, especially when I tell her, "I don't understand, you must use your English".... then she stops fussing and tries to tell me what she needs. 

Today will be interesting.... we have Joshua's soccer game.  Two weeks ago, I took Lauren to Joshua's soccer practice and Brad had to work late so wasn't planning on coming to practice.  Well, Lauren was a "hot mess" as we say here in Kentucky.  She wanted to go on the soccer field and didn't understand WHY she couldn't play.  How do you explain organized sports to this girl???  Well she twisted and turned trying to get out of her stroller (which I brought to be able to contain her the best I could).... that only made her mad.  She's a strong willed little tyke.  So I got her out and also discovered she was wet....took her to the van for a change -- and called Brad to try to come home to get her and help me out.  It was rough... she wanted to play soccer with her brother soooo bad.  Every since, we have taken her to my mom's on nights for practice and she didn't attend his first game last Saturday.  Well today, my mom has plans.... so Brad and I plan to tag team with her and see how it goes at the game.  Folks, this is how it is with a little sensory seeker -- you have to be creative and sometimes change your environment, miss out on some things, etc.... because until they develop and learn how to process "the world" you have to decide what types of public things you can tolerate sharing all your struggles.... and it's really ok to miss a game or two -- we've learned in our family that EVERYONE makes sacrifices sometimes.  It's all good. 

Joshua has probably sacrificed the most - and I often remember my friend Sarah from Colorado telling me something on these lines.....-- having Lauren is the absolute best thing for Joshua -- he will learn the world doesn't circle around him and it's soooo much easier for a little guy to learn this at his age -- than for him to have to learn that lesson say, as a teenager or young adult...psst... I think some people never learn that lesson.  I'm thankful my adoption world includes people that will speak the truth to me.

Joshua and Lauren are coming along in their relationship.  They love and embrace each other -- but also have their moments where Joshua is just naughty and perhaps pushes her off his bed (like last night) during reading time -- but then she responds, not often....but last night she did --- with a good bite on his arm.  Both were wrong in their actions and got told about it - but there is something so very basic about survival instincts.  Lauren hasn't bitten for a very long time - but last night, I think it totally ticked her off to be pushed off the bed.... she cried and thought about it and then..... yikes!  Looks like we will soon need to teach the "turn the cheek" passage.  Meanwhile, we are settling into a good new normal..... some days great, others are a one ever said this is supposed to be easy.  And when it's good.... it is sooo very good.... like playing outside on the swingset and having big brother push you on the swing. ...... Love these children.


  1. will have to fill us in on how soccer goes today. :) I am so happy how great Lauren is is beautiful to see!!!! :) You're doing such a good job, Momma.

    1. It was far better than I expected! We brought a ball and Lauren and Brad paced the sidelines! :) I'm really lucky, because Brad and her both love the outdoors - so they are really bonding on about any outside activity :)

  2. Hope she had fun -- maybe bringing a ball for her to kick on the sidelines would help? Or not -- if she just wants to join the crowd! I am dreading negotiating our other kids' activities when K is new to us . . . so I'm watching and learning from you! :o)

    1. Actually, we did bring a soccer-type ball and Brad corralled (sp??) her most of the time. She loved it and they walked the sidelines and around the field. It was really good. She LOVES being outside -- she also liked the snacks at the end, because the mom assigned to this week had enough for siblings :) I got to watch most of the game - and watched Brad and Lauren too some -- it's a really big league, people everywhere - so wanted to make sure she didn't wander off too far - but all in all it worked.... but the ball was the key thing! You have great instincts. :)

  3. Oh, they are so cute together! Hooray for the potty training! You are doing such an awesome job with your little sweeties!