Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day 2013

Enjoy a post of pics from church today.  Lauren loves her church and especially likes the homemade donut holes that Kuluba's wife makes every single week!  The kids all love them :)   Happy Easter from our house to yours!

 With Nanna

Momma, Daddy, Joshua, and Lauren

Silly faces......

Like sister....

I'm going with him, but just checking to make sure you are coming too :)

posing by the car -- I wish I could say something spiritual - like, "my kids were cheering Jesus' victorious rise from the grave"....but in reality - they were just doing a silly pose :)



  1. Happy Easter Blunt family!!!! I can't believe how much Lauren has grown!!!! Hope you're having a special, wonderful day at home!!!

  2. Yeah!!!!!!! Love seeing all the joy in Lauren!! You have such a beautiful family Renae!!! xoxox