Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fundraising, Overall Update...and a wild dream :)

We have been so blessed by the donations we've received from our Lifesong letter. So far we are at $1280 - which is almost a plane ticket! We are well on our way to our $8000 goal. But time is running out - since our deadline is mid-June :) We so appreciate the prayer too.... they are sustaining, for sure.

On the paperwork front, we received our ORIGINAL child study and paperwork for the referral. We hope to wrap that up this week and then also get I800, I864, I864A, and DS230 -- I THINK when those thing are done... the paperwork ends and the waiting begins ... this is the waiting in which you can't do a thing about it but merely....wait. Of course that has been the case throughout the process, but we always knew there were many steps ahead that we would have to participate in.... once this stuff is done, I think our only final step is travel to pick up our little girl! I pray for her every night -- think of her often -- her picture is my screen saver at work - so I see her cute little face every day...often :) We can't wait to meet her! Even dreaming strange dreams too.......

Last night in my dreams I was checking out daycares...and nothing seemed right ... Brad and I went to one and all the babies were in little barn food troughs! They were painted light blue and there were rows of tiny babies all line up -- and then a cat sat at the end in one keeping watch and there were no care givers.... it was the weirdest dream... AND then the most interesting part of the dream... I looked down and a Christmas Nativity Set was displayed at the end of the row of babies. Wow, what a dream. I felt great relief for all those babies, in my dream, because I knew Jesus was watching over them.... ok, I know, I have some weird dreams...but what do you suppose this one means? On a more funny note... I remember thinking, "well, if it was good enough for Jesus...it's good enough for our babies" -- Crazy dream huh? I chose to believe that little Miss Lauren is being very well taken care of in India :)

Gotta go - J-man is hungry for breakfast.


  1. Just came across your blog. We are also adopting from India! I found your dream very interesting, because I had a similar dream about 18 months ago. I was taking care of cats in an old playhouse and they were very scraggly and needy. They came out of the playhouse and I was trying to feed them and clean them up and then one of them turned into a little boy. Of course, the dream was a little more involved than that, but that's the general gist.

    Praying that you are able to go to India before Christmas!


  2. Thank you Sarah so much.... it's funny, I've had several dreams through the years of God, Jesus, etc... and I believe He does talk to us through our dreams. Do you have a blog -- would love to follow your journey too. ~Renae