Thursday, July 14, 2011

What great way to start the day -- Article 5 letter!!

I couldn't sleep last night - so I got up and read the news. I'm saddened to hear Mumbai experienced what is being called a terrorist attack. The whole city is on high alert - and I'm sure the people are filled with fear and uncertainty. Of course I prayed for Mumbai and the children at BalAsha and caregivers - to lean heavily on each other for comfort and strength and to rely on God for hope.

Then this morning I awoke to our Article 5 letter from New Delhi in our email inbox! And I'm reminded that when God is at work .... things happen. We are thrilled to have this step completed, like all other steps before this because it brings us one step closer to Lauren.

At this point documents go to Cara (the Central agency for adoptions) and we await other documents and court - I think a 5-6 month process in total. Then I think after that, we travel in about 3 weeks later... these are rough estimates, but this is generally the timeline. I believe if all is in order - Cara can issue their document within 15 days - but it is said that rarely happens and they often ask questions or require further information.... that's ok, we trust they do their job well for all orphans, so whatever it takes we'll provide.

Pray for the people of India. Pray that Lauren remains safe and healthy... and can come home soon.


  1. We, too, are praying for the people of India with the recent attacks.

    Yeah for your Article 5 letter! Prayers that your process is quick & smooth!

    Take care!

  2. Hooray for your Article 5 letter! Praying for your precious girl.