Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's "Lauren" up to????

Woke up this morning to either a dream / or thought... that Lauren was getting a bath... Indian style. I saw a video clip once of a child in India at an orphanage getting his bath - basically they wash from head to toe while the child stood there - then they poured water over his head and rinsed him off. He didn't seem to mind - and the caregiver was talking and having fun while pouring over the water. It was cute. But this serves as a reminder that little Lauren's world is going to be so different... even something as small as a bath. I hope she likes the water.. and of course, the added bath toys will likely make a difference.

We play this game as a family ... Brad, Joshua, and I take turns saying what we think Lauren is up to.... it's starts with... well, what time is it in India right now? Then we each take a turn saying what we thing...usually it's "waking up eating cereal", "playing with her friends", "being held by her caregiver"... things like that. It's a great way to talk to Joshua about Lauren and also connect with this little one so far around the world. (Joshua likes to show people on the globe where she's so cute - they he goes into the flight path that his daddy showed him that we will take when we pick her up)... too funny.

I still race to the mailbox - and now also to the email - looking for our next step (Article 5 letter)!! Expecting this sometime before July is up!! ~Renae

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