Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the cusp - it's been almost 15 days :)

Well, almost 15 days since our Article 5 letter - (not that anyone is counting) we're on the cusp of whether or not we get CARA approval to proceed....or if we need to provide more or updated information. The earliest timeframe is 15 days ....but this stage could take a few months. I pray they have everything they need....and we get this approval very soon. We are soooo ready for our little girl to come home. A few weeks ago, we took our friends to the zoo and they have a little girl about 1 1/2 years old. She rode in the stoller most of the time and Joshua "helped" push her around - he was so sweet - I could totally imagine him pushing little Lauren in a stroller. He's going to be a great big brother. Before we left for the zoo - he hopped out of the car, ran inside and grabbed a few toys and say, "Daniella will need toys to play with in the car ride to the zoo"... sometimes he has such a sweet thoughtful heart. Don't get me wrong...he has his challenging days... but when it comes to loving others -- he's usually surprisingly sweet. It goes to show, we were made to be relational beings -- true joy is through connecting with one another (and our Lord). Yesterday at the YMCA during swimming lessons, an Indian family sat right next to us on the bench...and of course they have two beautiful little girls with matching swim suits ... one about the age of Lauren, then other maybe closer to Joshua's age. We started talking to the mom.... who was so kind. Her younger child looked so similar to Lauren's picture with her little pixie hair cut... it brought me great joy just to see them and talk to them. She said sometimes in India parents will shave their babies head to make the hair grow back in thick... I found that interesting... these little girls had thick and beautifully black hair. She also said in the winter months Dec-March-- it is a little cooler in India (except for Mumbai...she said is an island, so it very hot and tropical). When swim lessons were over, I showed Joshua the little girl and he seemed very excited, .. his comment, "you know, she doesn't have very much height". LOL (she was tiny). You know I will post for sure if we hear anything from CARA - meanwhile... we wait "patiently" - the motto of adoption. :)

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  1. Praying for CARA approval! How fun to meet a little girl who is Lauren's age.