Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday...11/6/2011

Little Miss Lauren-
Today is orphans Sunday...and my head and heart is focused on you. In addition to you...the other 140+ million of orphans around the globe. An event today at a local church could make such a difference in the lives of some of those children. The need is so great, but we know that our God cares for "the individual"...and that each one matters. So I'm praying not only for your quick trip home into our lives....but I'm also praying that a community of orphan children continue to grow and find forever families in our midst. We are so blessed to live in a diverse community that cares for children, orphans, and foster children. Our support group is also a huge blessing in our lives.... God is ever good and faithful.

We also are building relationships with those around us. Not merely surface relationships - but real indepth relationships of sharing life together. This brings us great joy - has been a long-standing prayer, and we are finding that God is blessing us and fulfilling this desire. More than anything he wants us in relationship -- with each other as the body of Christ, but also in relationship with Him!

As we venture out in our journey today, I pray we share it humbly, boldly, and graciously. I pray all glory goes to the our Lord and I pray hearts are moved to action -- and God's plan is set in force to care for more and more orphans. We love you, little Miss beyond words.
Mommy, Daddy, and Joshua.

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