Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It was a great fall evening.....

We are so blessed to have a great church and a great neighborhood. This year Halloween covered TWO evenings! First our church had an "open to the public" chilli cookoff and trunk or treat. It was awesome to see people come for a bite to eat and experience the love of our church. It was truly an outreach to the community - and they showed up, ready for fun, dressed up, and hungry. In typical God-style.... we had just enough food to feed all that arrived. Trunk or treat was fun too... first time experienced that..we enjoyed giving out candy. Joshua made a few rounds himself in his fireman's outfit from last year, then gave out candy too.

Then last night - our neighbors had chilli, hotdogs, sides... and after everyone ate, kids went trick or treating. We are so blessed by such kind neighbors, who really enjoy being together. We had a great night. Joshua was in heaven, he got to see his "new best friend" Trey -- his neighbor boys -- AND got lots of candy. He was so sweet, he even got to spend the last 1/2 handing out candy at our house. Best of all, the weather was absolutely wonderful!!

Had a blast....but couldn't help wonder how next year will be different with our little Lauren. :)


  1. Oh too cute! Glad you had such a great time. :) We had a 2 niter too. I cannot wait for next year to see Lauren dressed up.

  2. Oh yes, Lauren will be with you next year for sure! Glad you had fun.