Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is Love? Love is sacrifice - tribute to orphan caregivers.

In reading a friend's adoption post I was struck by the depth of love the caregivers must have for orphan children around the world. Just think of it, these women caring for these children day in and day out - doing all they can for them - loving them, feeding them, clothing them - providing all the basic needs - sprinkled with love and nuture on top. And then one day, a forever family comes to pick up a child and the caregiver lovingly turns the child over to the family. Now that is a depth of love that we can only imagine. These women knowing the child will have a better life in a forever family instead of being raised in an orphanage, which otherwise would surely impact the child. These ladies love - and then they send love off to live their lives, like a wounded bird that is healed and allowed to fly.

I'm reminded of Abraham in the Bible when God tells him to sacrifice his son Isaac - now certainly the story isn't the same, I know! We are not sacrificing children as the story suggests in the Bible -- but really the sacrifice was a test of Abraham's love and faithfulness. I can't help but think these caregivers love these children just as Abraham loved Isaac - but they still remain faithful in their call from God to care for these orphans, and then let them go. So they live this life, loving children, raising children, to one day see them off - never or rarely to be seen again. What sacrificial love they have - it brings tears to my eyes thinking of their hearts.

I pray I can handle our trip to India - I pray I show honor and respect to the people of India - hopefully without being a bundle of pouring tears. I am a BIG crier - I cry at church when a song hits me, I often cry reading adoption blogs, I cry when people are hurting, and I cry when people experience joy. On our trip to Kenya - I cried often - sometimes out of sadness of seeing children digging through garbage for food on our trip to the village - other times when meeting people in the village or talking to the children. My emotions seem to always be "out there" -- so I'm sure I will cry in India - I pray it doesn't offend anyone.

How do we ever express gratitude to these caregivers of our orphan children? This I pray that God will give me the words, so that when I am there I can show them how much we appreciate their sacrifice and their love for our children; for this, I am ever grateful.


  1. Oh, Renae, I can so relate. I'm a crier, too. I don't think anyone in India would be offended at all...I think that in your tears, they will see how much you love....and they will be grateful.

  2. What a beautiful post. And I agree with Meredith, your tears will convey love and be much appreciated. You are a blessing!