Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lady lovebug's first Christmas presents 2011

It was so sweet on Christmas morning. Joshua and my mom bought two gifts for Lauren and had me open them. One is a children's Bible, from Joshua who said, "look mommy, it's just like mine - only hers came with a CD so she can learn the language". I was so touched that he would ask my mom, while in the Christian bookstore to get her a bible. He loves his Bible, and even though he's not quite reading all on his own, he's beginning... but he loves to read the stories through the pictures. He already thinks of her as his sister :) and I absolutely love that! The other gift from mom was something every Kentucky girls needs....... a Wildcat outfit :) This little dress is so cute - with "UK" embroidered and "paws" on the bloomers. You kindof have to be from Kentucky to really get this... we LOVE our University of Kentucky WILDCATS ... basketball team :)No doubt! The other item in the picture is a light switch cover that Joshua and Brad painted for me for my birthday, which was right before Christmas. I love it and think it will look great in Lauren's room. It's a castle design if you can't tell... with multiple colors perfect for her room. :) So there you have it little one... Christmas presents before you even arrive home :)

C-A-T-S.....CATS, CATS, CATS !! Goooooo....... CATS!

On other Christmas ramblings.... I'm not a big "after Christmas shopper". I don't really like all the crowd, lines, etc. And there is really nothing that I need however, this year ... right before Christmas I found myself shopping late and working hard to find ornaments that hold a photograph, because many were sold out. This is somewhat of a tradition because Brad's mom has collected for years Christmas ornaments with the grandkids' pictures in them. It is so much fun looking at her tree with all the kids and how they have changed through the years. Her family is the love of her life -- so even though we didn't travel to Rockford this year - I always try to mail her a photo. I finally found an ornament and got it off in the mail right before Christmas. During a last minute trip to Michael's craft supply... what did I see?? Really cute ornaments with photos in them.... so I registered it away...and thought, ok that's one place I will venture out to after Christmas for 1/2 price sale (so I'll already be set for Christmas 2012). ... So on Dec. 26th mom and I went to do a little shopping. I'm standing in Michael's going through ornaments and counting for Nana, one for Grandma, and one for us.... oh wait!! I will have TWO children next Christmas!!! Two for Nana, two for Grandma, and two for us!! It was an amazing, yet surreal feeling.... visualizing her sweet little face in this picture at the top of the Christmas stocking ornament. Oh.... I can't even tell you how excited I am for that day to come!! We love you little Lauren...our Lady Lovebug... and we're counting days until "spring" when we anticipate coming to get you. You are loved!


  1. I love that outfit, even if I don't know who the Wildcats are. :) It is so cute. Especially the little paw print on the bloomers.

    And, I know what you mean about the shopping. I never do after Christmas shopping either...but I am thinking that I really need to change that, because I also went this year, and the sales were so incredible that I now have enough wrapping paper and Christmas bags for about 10 years. :)

    And I cannot wait for next year, to see the Christmas pictures with Lauren in them. :) It will be INCREDIBLE. :)

  2. That's the only after Christmas shopping that I did, as well. I got a stocking holder, a stocking and a pillow pet (all the other kids got one from their grandparents) for R.

    Joshua has such a sweet and caring heart. He'll be a great big brother!