Thursday, December 8, 2011

Settling in for a long winter's nap -- new update on adoption

We had a great talk with our agency rep (we LOVE them!!)- who shared with us that the region that Lauren comes from usually takes a little longer to process. So court will likely take up to 5 months, and then the VISA process 6-8 weeks.. this puts us somewhere around May/June timeframe...maybe April. I know God's timing is perfect, so I trust in him that when the time is right, we will travel. So I say, "I'm settling in for a long winter's nap, while visions of my sugar plum dance in my head" :)

One thing about the experience of adoption - a "general known" is so much better that a "no idea whatsoever", or even an "optimistic timeframe"... things happen...that's international adoption - but for me, it's always easier when I hear "at least count on this" - because then I settle my heart and live in the moment, knowing that if I focus too much on the process every day it would be so much harder. I don't forget about little Lauren - I just don't dwell on the timeframe.

So for now, I'm thankful for getting NOC - and hopeful her case is making its way through the court all in good time. I'm looking forward to next summer so very much! Meanwhile, bundle up, honey it's cold outside!


  1. It is true...sometimes just knowing SOMETHING is better than all of the guessing. I'll be praying for April!

  2. Oh Renae...I am so glad you have some information...I am sorry it's not sooner, but we will just pray for such protection over Lauren...and also for the Lord to continue to use this time to prepare you all for Lauren's homecoming. That is what I focus on when everything seems so delayed...I tell myself, what if this is exactly how the Lord wants it, because there is more work in our hearts that need to go on, before V comes home. Or what if our kids need a little more preparation before having a sister. I don't know if this is right thinking or not...but it comforts me sometimes. :)