Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas - a time of anticipation

It is such a beautiful time of the year, full of anticipation of the celebration of our Christ's birth. I'm so looking forward to spending our first Christmas Eve at our new church tonight. I look forward to the peace and calm of that moment. In our world of busyness and materialism, there is something so sweet about a candlelight service that reminds us of the night Jesus was born, with likely only the bright star and radiant angel lighting the moment. We reflect on the important things in life, like family, our faith, our friends...and our Lord.... and are we following His will...are we on His path? I pray that our desire to please Him does in fact please Him and that we always strive to follow His will.
Merry Christmas to all - for those we don't have your mailing address: Here was our Christmas card this year (yep, it had a picture of our feet):)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
During this season of anticipation, we continue to pray for Lauren's arrival in 2012.
Brad, Renae, and Joshua.

I can't help this Christmas, though, thinking ahead to next Christmas when our little Lauren will be home. As the date nears, our anticipation grows with great excitement. We are ready here at our house for that day. The only thing we lack is a high chair, bottles, (and I'm sure things on our packing list from our agency)... but basically, we have everything! I'm still focusing hard on my diet -- and have lost 30 lbs. -why I bring this up - some may think is silly, but I've been blessed with good health all my life, and still healthy now... but I want to ramp up my health with fabulous eating habits and exercise to clear my mind, be the physical person God wants me to be, "Crave God - not food" (which is the title of a book I'm reading), and be ready with extraordinary energy and vigor to face whatever challenges may come when we bring our little Lauren home. So I'm building new healthy habits involving limiting sugar (to zero), limiting unhealthy carbs, and adding exercise. I feel great! Having a birthday two days ago - was also another reminder raising a little one at 46 may be different than late thirties :) -- so I'm putting the finishing touches on this aspect of my life - building lasting routines all for the benefit of me, my family, and how my life may be of use to the Lord. This sounds so selfish, but I'm learning if we don't take care of ourselves, we dishonor the I'm getting there.

As we seek Jesus this season, may it be foremost in our heart and mind every day of the year! Merry Christmas to all, especially our little Lauren in India (momma and daddy are coming soon)...and Happy Birthday, Jesus.


  1. Merry Christmas! I love the photo...can't wait to see Lauren's feet in those shoes!

  2. Merry Christmas, Renae. I looove that picture. So cute. And I love that your laces match her shoes.

    Congratulations on the 30lbs. That is awesome. I am also trying to get healthier by exercising is so good...but sooo hard. ;)

    Praying for you always.

  3. Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Where in the process are we....our dossier was FINALLY mailed yesterday to India. WHOO HOO! It has been sitting at Dillion since February, and we are so thankful things are starting to move again. Hoping 2012 brings many of us children!

  4. Hi Christy - it's great to meet you! That's a great feeling having that dossier in their hands isn't it? Here's wishing you a great 2012! Keep in touch :) ~Renae