Friday, January 27, 2012

Twas the Night before our Updated Home Study Visit

I know.... I just have to go there....sorry too tired to make it rhyme.

Twas the night before our updated home study visit and all through the house not a sound is to be heard, but mommy plunking on the computer - calculating financial figures for the home study update.

While daddy and Joshua are tucked into bed - tired after chores they had tonight tidying up for our social worker tomorrow.

I sit here - not in my jammies, but still in work clothes... dreaming of you, giddy with anticipation, excited to see India visitors (and others too) on our blog and hearing so much adoption news these days from other families.

I pause with joy at the evening's earlier events, where I found Joshua playing in Lauren's room with toys... surely he was dreaming of you too. When asked what he was doing, his reply, "making up pretend stories to tell Lauren".

But my greatest joy of the night was when asking Joshua to help pick up toys and other chores for our meeting tomorrow for the adoption -- his reply was, "sure, anything for Lauren".... oh my heart soared! Little Miss, you are going to have an awesome BIG brother, who can't wait for your arrival.

Good night all .... hope you are dreaming too of your presents to come... it is certain to be one of God's greatest gifts. (Paperwork, what paperwork... it's a piece of cake) :) All for you, my love...all for you.


  1. I hope that you have a great visit with your social worker tomorrow! What a sweet big brother.

    Thank you soooooo much, Renae, for posting about our fundraiser to your adoption support group. It really touched my heart. You are so thoughtful!

    1. Thanks, Sarah.... instead of the typical "god will provide"... how about "God will surprise" :) - let's start a new trend, LOL. I'm loving the t-shirts too and plan to get a couple, can't decide if I get size 2 or size 4... also thinking about which one for J-man :) take care.

    2. I like that! He WILL surprise!

  2. What a sweet big brother he's going to be! Can't wait for Lauren to finally be are on the home stretch!! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Your J-man is soooo cute. That is just precious, Renae.

    Praying for your update today. And praying you get your traveling news soooooooon. Things really are moving...and it's so exciting. Isn't it? Wooohooo!

    Mer :)