Friday, June 1, 2012

Like the Sesame Street songs says, "Who are the people in your neighborhood...."

The other day driving in our neighborhood on the way home - I noticed this beautiful Indian woman walking along the side walk.  Our neighborhood is great for walks and people seem to exercise often on the walking trails, riding bikes, etc.  Anyway, as I drove home this woman caught my eye - with her beautiful Indian dress and sari out for an evening stroll -- I couldn't help but smile because I know that Lauren will see people of India heritage in her neighborhood.  It's not often you see people from India in your community - let's face it.  People tend to gather in communities that have similarities.  So the fact that our neighborhood is so diverse - warms my heart....we see traditional clothing / Indian people often.  Now to bridge the gap and build relationships with these folks - that might be a little more challenging (some people may think I'm a little crazy starting a conversation with a stranger) - but I have a feeling in time our little Miss will draw her own attention from strangers and hopefully relationships will build so we can continue some Indian traditions with friends in the neighborhood.  I may be idealistic, but I'm open to learning more and more of India culture and tradition....and I pray those around us are willing to teach us. The folks at a local restaurant were very friendly and interested in our adoption - and want to meet little miss when we get home.  Another family - market owner - was also quite friendly when we went to buy items for an Indian meal. So I know there is great potential ... it will be our responsibility to be deliberate and intentional in keeping some of her roots, while growing new ones too.  I couldn't think of a better place for us to begin the journey :) 

Still no official word on her passport, but I'm still praying we get word in June. 

Anyone now have that wonderful Sesame Street song tune going through your mind...???  "who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neigh-bor-hood....yes, who are the people that you meet each day??" 


  1. That's wonderful that you have Indian families in your neighborhood. Praying for passport news very, very soon!!!!

  2. Oh, praying for you! :) How neat that you have some Indian families in your neighborhood. I also see a woman in a sari walking in our neighborhood....I have to seriously force myself not to stop my car and bombard her with questions. :) Someday I am hoping to just come across her path in a more natural way.....

  3. I sure hope you hear something soon about your passport! We have quite a few Indian families at our kids' school, which is an unexpected blessing.

  4. I totally have the song in my head now :) In our experience our Indian neighbors have been above and beyond helpful and interested in our adoption journey. A woman I met recently actually came with us to the Asian festival in Cleveland-just to explain the traditional foods etc. to us! We are new friends!

  5. :):) This makes me smile. I have thought the same thing when I come in contact with people of Indian heritage... I used to work for an Indian physician, so I have been to some cultural events, etc, but if I would have known I was going to adopt from India, I might have paid more attention. ;)
    Praying for that passport!