Saturday, November 17, 2012

One lesson learned with little miss

So maybe I'm a slow learner (or perhaps maybe I think I can change the way things are??) - but one thing I've learned about Lauren Anjali -- don't plan things around nap time or lunch time (unless it's a nap or LUNCH!) :)

I've had to really work hard at getting all the "stars" aligned before her PT session each week --- when everything is in sync, this girl LOVES physical therapy...... no lunch, .... no session, it's just that simple, she just won't cooperate.  The timing of her appointment is really right at lunch time, so I've tried to get through the appointment and then have  So now we have lunch a bit early and then go to PT - works so much better.  

And today, we had our family photo session for the holidays...... oh, was that a challenge -- well the first outfit session was great (but again it was before her normal lunch time).... she was in a good mood, all was well.  Quick change of clothes and oh my, she was all "sensoried-up"  - that's my made up word for sensory seeking.... out of sorts.... crazy .... kookie.... AHHH get me home behavior.  But what did we do, we changed clothes and the photographer just kept trying.   And then again changed clothes and got a few shots of her and Joshua.... only a book finally calmed her. 

On the way home she fell asleep and is still asleep now -- without even eating lunch!!  She is going to be one hungry little girl when she wakes - but that's ok, we have left over rice :)  She is so strict in her routine and I think preschool is also heightening this.  When I was home with her, sometime she wouldn't nap on schedule... she generally always eats on schedule :)

One bit of other news... her preschool did a hearing screen and discovered TWO ear infections.  I felt awful; she hasn't been running a fever or fussing, so we didn't even know it.  It makes me wonder if she's used to a certain level of discomfort and accepts that as "the way it is".  Anyway, I think she's already feeling better from her medicine.

Excited to have a friend over and her family tonight for pizza.  She was in my bible study a few years ago -- and is now adopting from India!  She lives here in Lexington, so that is really exciting for us too!  I think I'm off for a quick nap - since little one is getting one -- and Brad and Joshua are practicing for the church variety show - they are doing their David and Goliath puppet show with homemade paper puppets taped to a straw. :)


  1. Oh, that is good to know that she needs her schedule. :) Every child is so different with this. And, how totally fun that you are having a friend over tonight who is adopting from India. What an encouragement you are going to be for her. Have fun!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you are getting her figured out. :) I am kind of like her---don't mess with my food! ;) ha.
    One of these days, I'll get to Lexington to see her (and you). :)