Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - pics

Ok - you all know I can't be totally wordless...check out some pics and captions :)

                                                              Halloween party at neighbors
 (mommy had the cutest fairy costume, but I was NOT about to wear it when I could be Luigi to my big brother's Mario! When I saw his hat, I had to have one of my very own - thankfully Ms. Ali next door happen to have one!)

Lauren Anjali and Riley (Nana's dog)

Catch the toy "i-ee" AKA Riley

Love my girl!

Lauren Anjali LOVES Riley

Let's play hairdresser!  Daddy's first......

.....now Lauren Anjali's turn .... Joshua is either going to be a mechanical engineer or a hairdresser :)

C-A-T-S (Check out the TV - great unplanned timing :) )

                                                                     Cats! Cats! Cats!
                                                    It's official, we have a Kentucky girl!

                                          Quit taking pics ..... while we watch our CATS!

Because of Election Day - Joshua and Daddy didn't have school or work and got to see Lauren at preschool! 
                                                  Makin' Mr. Potato Head.

                                                 Home in the kitchen on my scooter!

                                            All done, now off with this helmet!  :)


  1. These photos are SO charming -- and it's fun to see some "normal" life pictures, which are evidence that she is adjusting well and doing real life in her family. So great to see!

  2. Oh my! They are so cute in their halloween costumes!

  3. Love those costumes....and that is so cute that Lauren Anjali loves dogs. :) She is just so cute I can hardly stand it!

  4. Hello Renae,
    I found your blog though another fellow Bal Asha parent. I have been following your journey and praying for you and your family. I am wondering if you would be willing to exchange emails. We have enjoyed our connections to the other parents and would love to connect with you. Our children are around the same age as precious Anjali. We believe we will be traveling to pick them up in the next month or less. I would love to know what to expect from the trip if you have time for a few questions.

    Anjali is so precious. It is so fun to see her sweet smile.



    1. Sure, sent you an email - let me know if you don't get it :)