Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Before and After

Joshua was looking at our blog and noticed the header now says "Life with Lauren" - so he decided to write a post :) Here goes..... his thoughts, my typing......

On the first day of Lauren there was alot of changes. There were sharing things, there were good things and bad things.

On the second day we had Lauren, my mother said to me.... "Joshua, you need to share your toys".

On the third day of Lauren at night time we had to put a pillow between the boys and the girls....and by the way, Lauren did not like the boys and the girls together (King bed -- daddy and Joshua vs mommy and Lauren).

On the fourth day of Lauren my mother said to me...."we need to get her some easy puzzles".

On the fifth day of Lauren she falled asleep at nap time.

On the sixth day of Lauren my mother said to me..."we need to get play doh".

Four months later....................................................................

We come home and watch cartoons every day except on Saturday and Sunday.

She pushes me off the chair to see TV!

I pick her up from school sometimes and she runs to me.

She can't touch my Leggos.

She says purple, apple, moma, daddy, bye-yah (which means brother in Marathi), night-night, hey, ok, no, chocolate, amen, woo-woo (which means dog barking), ball, go, pee-pee, stinky, there it is, bye-bye, hello (hallow -in her accent), eat, diaper....and the list of words is growing.

And she loves her family.....especially me!

Your friend, Joshua

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  1. So sweet! Love hearing about Lauren through Joshua's eyes!

  2. I bet he will love looking back at his own view of these first days with Lauren -- and so will she!

  3. Oh what a cute idea to record his thoughts :) Love

  4. Oh my word, that is the CUTEST thing ever. And guess what? I got a card from Katie's mom today. SO SO SO sweet.