Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a Rockford Christmas - Part 1

Well, a little behind in posting - but thought it would be fun to share our time in Rockford, Illinois at Brad's parent's house.  We did take pictures of opening gifts - which Lauren figured out real quickly, but of course she moves so quick I can hardly catch her..... most of here is how we spent our time :)

Sepora Playworld -- this place is high and BIG - we have a similar play place in Lexington that Brad takes the kids to often to give me a break -- so Joshua and Lauren are very good at climbing :)  Plus it's great for core / trunk building for little miss.

Lauren called daddy to play too.
 Look at me up this high!!!
 and even daddy

Bump, bump down the walking slide

Joshua decided I was taking too many pictures of Lauren and not enough of him - so he actually started smiling for my pictures!!  Everyone says he looks just like me, but in this picture he is totally Grandma Blunt with those droopy eyes :)  - Love that!

 I see you......

"do-da-loo-da-do".... come get me.....

Can you find me in this pic?.... Joshua??

We are beat!! (As grandma looks on with joy)....and Joshua takes a spot on the floor to rest.

Brad's sister, her husband and their two girls did the music for Christmas eve service at their church.  Musical family! They did a great job.  The candle lighting part was interesting.... we only pretended to light Lauren's candle as all the other ones were lit -- well, that didn't go over well, and we "got the Marathi".... our new phrase for when she's fired up and gives us a long string of Marathi letting us "have it". 

The best pictures are always those not in a formal pose. :)

Joshua and Papa - one of his favorite people.

Rockford Christmas - Part 2 follows....... 

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  1. Fun time! Lauren is so brave -- Anya Rashi was not a fan of those kinds of places for years, and would only go with a brother inside tunnels and slides, etc. And I love the competitive photo taking smile for big brother . . . that cracked me up!