Friday, January 3, 2014

Bump in the road

Well, Lauren's been home 1 year and just over 3 months. We really feel we're in a good groove... and then Christmas break... we went to Rockford and had a great time, but because of sleeping arrangements, Lauren slept with me for several days in a row... like 6 or so. Now that we're home, she can't seem to sleep alone in her bed in her room. We came home, did the exact same night time routine, and her rely is, "it's scary"... it's been so very hard. So I recalled one of her teachers telling me that at nap she chews on a plastic chew toy. So yesterday, Lauren's first day back to school, Joshua and I went on a shopping mission to find a few perfect chew toys for her. We hit the jackpot and came home with several and she tried out the first one last night. First of all, when we gave them to her she cheered, she knew exactly what they were for!! So last night, starting our regular routine, she chewed on her monkey/banana toy (that vibrates just slightly) was about 5 minutes, my PJ top was somewhat soaked with drool, she was out and I put her in her bed.... her "new" bed, by the way that we set up for her..... basically bought a memory foam cover, and also a fluffy down comforter -- anything to try to get her to sleep...she liked the new bed set up on her existing toddler bed...but nothing hit the spot like that monkey/banana. I am reminded, that just when you think you've got it figured out -- something reminds you that your child is special... her background is special and unique... she's highly sensory (although we thought most of that was resolved through new neuro-pathways built this last year)...but now I see we have the remains of the oral sensory issues. For now, I'm not worried about her teeth -- I'm sure her dentist would say otherwise, but I more worried about her sleeping. So I guess we are still experiencing these little bumps in the road ... even after a year... (I have a feeling we will have other bumps in the road as time goes by)... it's still a shock for us, because Joshua was and is such an easy kid to raise, for the most part. He's predictable and easy to read... he's consistent.... he's a rule follower...legalist... with few surprises. (I think God gave us an easy one, so we have the stamina to handle the challenges of the other one :) ... meanwhile, I can try to catch up on sleep -- sleeping with her is really hard on me..she kicks, tosses, etc. But hey, while Joshua got his hair cut today, I dozed in the lobby :) Lauren, btw: took a full two hour nap at her school with her new "chewy". :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the bumps! I love following your story :) Hugs!