Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Families (and those before) Wait

Nepal has switched government leadership and as a result certain positions are yet to be filled. Because of this change, Nepal adoptions are rurmored to be "on hold" until a new Minister is appointed to the women, family, children agency. I've joined a yahoo email group and I anxiously come home each day looking for good news for these families. Some have been waiting a VERY long time because their paperwork was in-country prior to the program closing down adoptions, which makes one wonder if starting over to be a 2009 family is possible for them...or quicker. The wait seems to be excruciating....tensions are high...and people are saying things to each other that they probably would not normally say. I'm feeling overwelmed with saddness, because nothing can be done for these ladies...other than pray.

I'm not a patient person... I can't imagine what this will be like for our family once our dossier gets complete and mailed to Nepal. But I know this, I will be watching the calendar and marking days until we get the notice of a referral of baby Lauren. Joshua is going up quickly...and we long for them to be close in age....so we likely will request an 18- 24 month...but that won't keep us from calling her "baby Lauren"..... given we still call Joshua "baby doll"... "sugar"...and all other kinds of love names.

He is changing every day....and brings us great joy. I am so thankful that we have him.... it bursts from me. I'm leaving in 9 days for Kenya on a mission trip, so I feeling a lot of anxiety lately about being ready....gathering supplies, doing laundry...and loving Joshua deeply. With all this going on, I've been a bit more reflective and leaning into what God has in store for our family... and I know it is good. God's love is ever present in our lives and His provision is mighty ...as we embark on so many possible changes in the next 2 months.... one being my Kenya trip, the other being possibly buying a foreclosed property and moving... and more. We excitedly await to see if God has all these in mind for us....or if He has other plans.

As for Nepal, we wait alongside these families praying for them.... hoping for encouragement and good news soon. The children of Nepal are beautiful and are needing our care...... and they sit waiting too.

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