Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello! This is funny, me blogging (I am old-school...and not a techie at all!)-- well, it's really Brad helping me set up, and I'm typing my thoughts. :)

Entering this journey is surreal, while exciting, yet fearful...did I mention exciting? We are on the list for a 2010 adoption from Nepal. After several years on contemplating China and dealing with the long wait times, and new requirements in China, we've struggled to move forward on that adoption journey. Then earlier this year I found out about Nepal...and have been excited every since. We have already filled out the application at our agency (they will also do the home study), and we're on the 2010 list. We missed the 2009 list ...just barely...but those things we rely heavily on God for...and feel the timing of 2010 is part of His plan.

I am ever grateful for the Nepal adoption blogs I've been able to find -- I'm learning so much from all of you.... so I am so very thankful. I come home each day to pull up the blogs to see if anyone added a post. So... I'm inspired to begin blogging myself...although it's going to be a really long journey for us...since we're not gathering paperwork until fall... although that will be here before we know it. Meanwhile, we'll spend our days with our son Joshua (3 1/2) - who is a treat! He is anxiously awaiting a baby sister - but also has a lot of other things on his mind, like trains, and cars, and movies, and preschool, his friends, the playground, and swimming! It's going to be a great summer and fall.

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