Sunday, June 14, 2009

At church today the message was about community - and the people that impact others and those that impact us. In recent years of learning of other communities and hearing about others' mission trips - it's amazing how people in other countries rely so heavily on each other -- yet in America we're raised to be self-sufficient.

I think of baby Lauren - perhaps not yet born but in her mamma's womb - and wonder, is there a community for her? Is someone looking after her? The poverty is so prevalent. Yet it seems like provision comes in many sources for Nepali people. When I see the nannies and care givers I know these women are special people caring for all these orphans.

I also think of the adoption process and how important a community of families is now..and will be even more, when we're down the road a bit in the process. I can tell from reading blogs on Nepal, but also being in other email groups for China prospective parents... community is key to weathering this process. It's refreshing to see families celebrate for each other...even though they continue to wait themselves. This is truly what community is supposed to be... I hope I find those connections...and I hope I encourage others as they have encouraged me.

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