Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Great Indian Saturday

Last Saturday, Brad, Joshua, and I had the greatest day!  We dedicated the day to experiencing and learning more about India.  We started with lunch at an Indian, the food was fabulous.  Of course, we told our waitress about "Lauren" and shared a picture.  She was Indian and also born in Mumbai.  We learned that Mumbai used to be called Bombay.  She was really fun to talk to and learn about India in between waiting on tables.  We purchased a cookbook from them, and marked some of the favorite things we ate at the buffet that day....the greatest thing about a get to try many things. 

After lunch, we went to an Indian market here in Lexington.  We purchased some food to be able to cook.  The store owner was equally loving and gracious as we shared our story and told him we wanted to try to make an Indian meal ourselves.  We also discussed a cultural center that is located here in Lexington that I found online.... interestingly enough, the center's picture was on the back of the cookbook, with certain proceeds going toward support of the center.  It seems the center is quite open and welcoming to all people.  The store owner informed us about some of the protocol for visitors, but was really this is something we can see ourselves visiting at some point.  We bought a few things ..... and we were off to plan our evening meal.

We read more of our books for our service plan, talked alot about Lauren with Joshua.... he was so sweet.. he LOVED the Indian food and informed us that, "we will have to go eat there a lot when Lauren comes, because that is the food she will like."  We're hoping so...because we loved it too.  This will be one way that we will deliberately honor her culture and make "being Indian" a part of our family.

It was a great day! 

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