Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Official

Today we accepted our referral and we are so happy and exited.  She's beautiful and perfect for us.  Won't share too much about her until we know the rules on blogs...we certainly don't want to over expose her, and we want to respect the rules and her until we know for sure, we won't say too much about her other than .....she's awesome and we just can't wait to bring her home. 

We shared her picture with Joshua today and he knew exactly who she was...we've been talking to him a long time about of course, his little heart is very well prepared for a sister and he was amazingly happy and surprised as we were the first time we saw her picture not that long ago (week or so).  He was so cute, he said, "she's a baby".... and he folded the picture and started eating dinner again...then we reached for it again and said, "she has hair and I can see her teeth"... it was so funny because like us, he couldn't get enough looking at her...the more he thought about it... the more he wanted to see her...."she has a playground".... on and on....  He is very happy, and said, "when are you going to get her??".... we explained the wait is still very long and it might be after Christmas....secretly we are all praying for a miracle and for some unknown reason to all of us, we pray her case flies through the process... still with integrity...just with lightening we have her by Christmas, or we're traveling over the holidays.  What a joy that would be .... regardless, Christmas or early next year, we just can't wait!

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