Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nesting...a little too early, but effective none the less

They say that when a woman is pregnant during the later parts of her pregnancy she begins to go crazy around the house "nesting".  This would include cleaning and getting the baby's room ready.  Nesting is doing all the things to prepare for the new arrival of the baby. 

Well, Renae has been crazy......clearly a little too early, but none the less, she's a planner and LOVES to check things off the list.  Not so much the cleaning part -- we do have a 5 year old after all, but the getting the baby's room ready is really coming along.  I have been buying SOME clothes (still don't know what size she will need)...and also buying baby toys.  We can't wait to bring her home, get on the floor, and play with these toddler toys.  Some of these are the same toys that Joshua had...others are new. Her room is so cute...we are so excited.  Now if I can just get to the cleaning / nesting part.  Don't get me wrong, we do try our best to keep the house picked up.... but it certainly has brought about the realization that all of Joshua's little toys and pieces of play sets will need to be picked up consistently.  I do think with all her toys, hopefully she'll be more interested in those than anything Joshua may have.... yea, right!  She's going to be intrigued with EVERYTHING he has too :)  It's gonna be great watching them interact and play together.  He's already planning on teaching her all kinds of things like colors and shapes, numbers, and math. 

On another note - as we walk this path, we continue to learn and reflect.  One thing I found particularly interesting is how few toys there are of children of color in playsets.  I did find some - but this was a profound reality to me as I shopped two large well known baby stores.  In a country that will soon have Caucasians in the minority, I find this sad and intriguing that toys and books are not more widely diverse. I'm not sure what to do with this, if anything...just a reflection. I remember as a young girl collecting Madam Alexander's "Country" dolls, in which collectible dolls were placed on a stand on a shelf for the mere idea of collecting and viewing.  These were great dolls, all with culturally appropriate dress and hair... I loved these dolls from all around the world.  (Unfortunately, we sold them at some point), but in reflecting it seems so global looking back, such a world view that this little girl that grew up in a small town in Illinois, that had dolls reflecting multiple countries will one day have a little angel from India.

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