Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Mother's Day

Had a great mother's day yesterday... enjoyed time with my church, my family, and then a trip to the park. At the park, there were several Indian families from the neighborhood there enjoying the beautiful sunshine and playing with their children. I loved watching the little ones go down a slide or take a swing in the baby swings there at the park. I could see little Lauren in their faces....and I really longed for her. But I also know this was a love note from God, saying, "I know you are thinking of her, and one day she will be playing here right along with many other people that look like her"...

Joshua had a great time riding his bike, playing chase with daddy, and also playing hide-n-seek. This was all at the park...after he already spent a few hours outside with his neighbor friends. They play together so well, and love each other. I am ever thankful for such great neighbors with such great kids. Capped the park trip off with a visit to our other neighbors who have a new cute, words can't describe.

It was a great day :)

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