Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Joining an adoption support group

We are so excited...we've found an adoption support group in our home town and we're attending our first meeting this Thursday night. God has placed this in our path....so we're really looking forward to see what He has planned.

We also will be attending an adoption seminar for two days next week... this too we are excited about - listening to national experts on adoptions, having discussions with other families, etc... should be a great time.

We're still waiting for our original referral paperwork... I know it takes time, so we're patiently waiting. Our hopes for traveling this year are diminishing...but that's ok... we'll get her... when we get her. We just can't wait, we're so very excited.

Joshua shared her picture with his classmates this week at school for show and tell... the children were very interested and the teacher got the globe and showed them where India is located... I wish I could have seen Joshua's presentation of her...his teacher said it went very well :)

All for now... making dinner

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