Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Summit

Brad and I just spent two days in Louisville at the Summit Conference sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. It was held at Southeast church, and wow...was it amazing. First of all the church is absolutely huge! The people, greeters, hosts were awesome, friendly The speakers at the conference were equally amazing. We learned so many techniques and even heard from a panel of adult adoptees ... that was really good to get their perspective on being adopted. Of course God was at work and we ran into certain people we were hoping to find in the sea of thousands of people -- and we even ran into a few surprises that we were not expecting, but God knows our every need. I'm finding this is the theme of our days lately..... he is providing our needs even before we know that we need them! He is one amazing God! All for now -- missed our J-man and have soccer game this morning and who knows what this afternoon has in store. Stay tuned..... continue to pray for our little Lauren so far away.

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