Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting a blog facelift

Hi everyone - so what do you think so far about the new look of our blog. A friend is working on it for us --- and so far we love it. I love to see what time it is in India and the temperature! It helps me focus on little Lauren as we're always wondering what she's up to. No word yet on NOC approval -- but we're still ever hopeful. Had a great time this weekend shopping at the largest church children's consignment sale in Lexington - called Lil Lambs -- unbelievable really! Check out photos on their link - it was so much fun buying some winter stuff for Lauren and great prices :)

Like everyone else, we're getting ready for back to school - Joshua's school wears uniforms - so it really makes "back to school" much easier! We are very excited to see his new classroom - and he's excited to meet new friends. He'll be going to Kindergarten - all day -- and has a new Superman Lunch box -- that even has a cape! Never thought a kid would be so excited about packing a lunch. Fall soccer starts soon - we love this league we're in -- it's easy going - everyone plays, and everyone loves and encourages each other... and it's a pretty short season...just enough to be ready to be done when it's over.

Of course, we're waiting patiently for word on Lauren....and continue to prepare. At the consignment sale I found a small dollhouse, little people, etc... and Joshua spent over an hour in her room setting it up for her... he's going to make a great big brother -- and we can tell he's really wanting her home as much as we are.

Thank you so much for keeping her in your prayers.


  1. I wish I had your patience. :) You are inspiring to me!

    And, I do like your blog make-over. It is really nice.

  2. Hi,
    I didn't know if I left a comment on your comment if you'd see it. But, I do do that sometimes, just to let you know. :) I'll leave it here this time, though. I had just come back from my walk last night when I read some more posts on your blog. And I so enjoyed your quiet patience. :) I enjoyed hearing more of your story...thanks for telling me of it, in your comment. It is hard to know when the delays really are the Lord, or not of Him. I don't know what to think....except to know that He is so good. And that sometimes there can really be a purpose in them.... I guess maybe I need to seek wisdom in discerning what is of Him, and what just isn't. Does that make sense? Because my friend from Texas wrote to me, that some of the delays could be totally from the Lord...because He knows which judges will be where at certain times etc.... But, then I do know that the enemy would totally want to mess with stuff when do you pray against the delays and when do you roll with them? But all in all, I know the Lord sees, and I will continue seeking Him, and joining into His will as He reveals it to me. And trusting where He already has completely revealed it. :) Mer

  3. Meredith- I totally get that too... I think satan would love to interfere with God's plan for his children, especially bringing children into a family of love... this is what I pray.. Lord, bring her home as quick as you can, you know our hearts and we are longing for her...and give me total peace about the waiting - when it's of you... give me total unrest when it's not of you... and I will seek your face and pray through petition for your sovern power... in the meantime, Lord, you know my selfish ways so if it's your timing here that is good and pure - fill my heart and mind with other things of you...things that are good... so I don't focus on my self and my sense of control... take those from me - leaving only you. Meanwhile, give me many opportunities to share our story - because we know this is a testimony to you. This is my prayer -- you might find something different for you - but one thing I have learned in thinking and praying on adoption since 2006 - watching many families in pain.. Nepal was a very sad situation watching families wait for 4+ years to find the program close... I literally cried reading blogs and an very active email group... this time around, I've kept my circle fairly small as to what I put in my mind and read...I trust my agency to tell me new developments that impact me... and I don't worry about other things I hear - I ask them questions - they reply -- and I move on... and I finally have given it up to God.. that's how I find my peace.. and I'm blessed because our son brings us great joy - and we're a busy family too:) -- Have a great rest of your day... I plan to keep up on your blog - because I enjoyed it so much and could relate... together we can lift each other up:) ~Renae

  4. Oh Renae, I am so glad I stopped by again tonight. I am doing our bills, and just needed a tiny diversion. :) This is so beautiful, I am going to try and copy and paste it into a Word file. Thank you soooo much for writing this. I was just reading in a commentary in Matthew this morning how the Lord "reveals himself to us through others, and through us to others still." And you have been that to me today...a person the Lord used to reveal Himself! Thank you! :)

  5. Meredith-
    He does use all of us - to bring himself to the forefront:) Thanks for the Matthew reminder :) All for His glory, in which He delights. :)
    Make it a great day! ~Renae