Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bittersweet adoption news - break my heart for what breaks yours

We learned this week that India is not accepting new dossiers until the end of the year - they were planning on beginning again in October, but that has been moved back 3 months. This is so bittersweet for me because we've been told we are one of 550 files currently in process that will be priority, but that means others in the adoption world that are anxiously awaiting, some likely are those which I blog back and forth with.... will be put "on hold". I feel so conflicted by this... it's hard to celebrate knowing our file will likely be processed soon, when so many others are waiting :(

At church this week our pastor used a visual of a child in Sudan dying of hunger with a vulture near's a famous photo by a man named Carter, it won him acclaim and prize (you can google it). This photo has been with me every since, as I cry out to God why doesn't He just bring RAIN? The people of Africa need water for food. Our world is in such are our orphans. What repentance must occur to bring relief to Africa, or is there some other work that must be done.... why do you hold out rain, Oh, Sovereign Lord?

I am thankful, because every update we get from our agency indicates that the children of India are very well cared for.... but my mind is drawn to the street kids and those without an orphanage. I have friends that spend many weeks a year serving in a village in Kenya, Africa and I've been to Africa twice and seen street kids without shoes and very little to eat digging through garbage for just a small morsel... and I ask our God, "why won't you just bring rain?".... what is holding back this blessing? As we wait for answers of many of life's questions... God, what in me do you want to change? Refine me Lord, mold me... make me ALL yours. Meanwhile, save the innocent children.... break our hearts for what breaks yours.... call us to action to support the cause of famine, show us things in our local community that breaks your heart too. Bring special needs children home to have better access to medical care they so desperately need. Bring aging orphans home to begin the healing of not having a family of their own when they were younger. Heal the sick, the wounded, the hurting Lord... all for your glory, because we know with faith that you have a plan and we trust in you, we humbly ask that you hear our prayer for the needy.


  1. It's so hard to understand why things have to take so long and it's just as difficult celebrating when we know that others are still waiting. Thousands of kids are without families and our in orphanages. No matter how great an orphanage is, it's not the same as being in a family.
    We continue to pray that you receive your NOC soon. I know things are moving in India. We still aren't sure why our NOC went through. We were under the understanding that we were going to have to wait until the courts opened back up, it was a total shock to us when we received word that we had our NOC. I'm not sure how that happened, but be honest we didn't really ask our social worker either. We were just excited to know that we were one step closer.
    Although each region is so different, in C's region we've been told that things are pretty cut and dry after receiving NOC. We haven't been given a timeline from our agency (they are pretty tight lipped on that stuff), but other families that have went through the same orphanage say that it should be about 3 months from now that we travel. That's what we are hoping for, but as you know...things don't work on a timeline with adoptions.
    Prayers coming your way!!!
    Take care & Hugs as you wait!!!

  2. It is heartbreaking, Renae...but still, I am so thankful that things are moving along for you and others. I just want these little ones in homes...the sooner the better. :)

    And, I know what you mean about Africa. I am reading, "Kisses for Katie" right now...and it is so heartbreaking to hear about the utter poverty these children live in...but then so uplifting to see someone fully answering the call that God as placed in their lives to care for these children.

    If you want a great read, I highly suggest it. :)

    Many hugs and blessings to you,

  3. Oh, I am so very glad that your paperwork will still be processed. Praying for your NOC soon...very, very soon.

    There are many nights over the past 10 years where I have woken up to pray for all of the little ones who are still waiting, and the many who don't even have an orphanage to live in. I know that our Father's heart is broken for these precious ones...may our hearts become more and more like His.