Friday, October 28, 2011

I have some crazy dreams sometimes....

Each night when I go to bed - I pray on Lauren. Pray for her safety, health, happiness and for us to have her soon. Last night after I was long asleep, I began dreaming of the day we were to pick her up... it was a beautiful dream, gone a little nutty.... (as mine usually do)... we got to the orphanage...and someone said, "oh, she went home with someone else"...oh, it was terrible... then they said, "but we have this little girl for you".... and handed me this 5 year old girl that I could hardly hold in my arms ...not only was she heavy, but she didn't want me to hold her...she was terribly cute and a wonderful child of God, but she wasn't our Lauren. I pulled out our picture of Lauren and said, "there must be some mistake... she is ours, God planned HER for us"...and I began my momma bear fight (not really a fight...just proclaiming) for you. There is no turning back.... you are ours and we are yours. And we looked around the room, and there sat this little girl with shoulder length curly hair...and they said, "we're so sorry, she IS here.... we got confused". We were filled with joy of finding you. We proceeded to sit on the floor and play with the children, Brad and I, as they surrounded us laughing and playing...almost overtaking us. Isn't that the craziest dream? One thing I these orphanages KNOW their children, so this would NEVER happen...but I think this is my own stress and fears of something happening and not getting to you. We are longing to get to you....and we will continue to wait patiently and do whatever it takes for you. And I won't quit praying for you...even right before bed..even if I end up with these crazy dreams.... because you are ours and we love you with our whole heart.

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  1. Oh,'s a dream of you contending for your little girl...and triumphing! I think it is beautiful. :) You are such an encouragement to me all the time of how you fight for all of our children in prayer. I am so thankful for you.