Monday, October 10, 2011

I really need some news

This certainly sounds like a whine, but I really need some news on Lauren. This part of our wait has been the most challenging...and I just want to hear something. We race home to check email every day.... we go to the mailbox in full anticipation of news....anything... Our agency is in country, and I know very busy with meetings and seeing children for many, many families, etc... but I'm feeling so selfish at the moment and just want to hear about our baby girl.

I think it's partly that I'm tired, we've been so busy at work...and stress is kicking in ... so all emotions on deck, and I really could use some good news. News for our baby girl, or someone else we know too.... anything just something positive. Praying for you little one (along with some other kiddos on their way home too, just stuck a bit in the procees)... every day... and daddy is too!


  1. Praying with you, my friend. You are not have a momma's heart, who wants her daughter home.

    So much love,

  2. Ditto what Mer said! Not whining at all! This wait is sooooo hard. I'm not sure why things seem to be at a stand still...just wanting to hear some more movement soon!
    Praying for all our little ones!

  3. Oh, I pray that you have news soon!