Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adoption Blog Panel

So I've been invited to join this adoption blog panel and I'm trying to discern whether or not to do it.  I'm seeking all of your advice.  I've used this blog as a forum to share my heart, my struggles, my joys, and my faith.  So it's hard to decide if I want to start blogging on technical issues of adoption.  The way it works is they funnel topics that they want their panel participants to write on -- and you decide if you want to write on the topic on your blog -- then it all links back to resource page.  Initially I was very excited (my dream is to be an author one day), now I'm not so sure - 1.) Do I want to be that "exposed", 2.) Will I have time, 3.) Will people get value out of it, 4.) Does it take away the personal aspect of our blog and become some academic resource, 5.) Should I set it up on a separate blog ... the list of questions go on and on.  

But then I was looking at all the people through our live traffic that check out our blog - and I noticed that someone googled "what is a service plan?" - and their search brought up our blog -- so now I'm trying to figure out - do we have any responsibility to share the journey we've been on with families that are just starting out?  Is God calling me to give back in some way?  I recall reading open blogs early in the process and how very much I loved seeing families bring children home....and the hope that provided to me as a newbie.  So what's a girl to blog or not to blog?  That is the question..... and just what if someone discovered Jesus in some mysterious way through adoption and blogging? 


  1. Hmmm....I totally understand your hesitation. I have such a hard time even knowing if I want to keep my personal blog going....let alone one where I may feel pressured to actually write coherently on. :)

    So, I will be praying for you as you make your decision. Really, even if you say yes, and then realize it's not for you, I am sure you could back out quite easily.

    I will say this....a few weeks ago I googled something about Indian adoption (it wasn't service plan...I think it had to do with I-800, but I'm not sure), and your blog came up as one of the first things in my search. I found that very interesting...because no other blog I know came up....only yours.

    1. Interesting.... for sure. This is not a paying gig either - so I know I could drop out at any time - just not sure if I want to even get into it.... probably want to just keep things simple this summer for sure.

  2. I think I might go back and disguise any identifying info if I linked up with a broader blog "referral" source. Just to be safe, I'd probably use nicknames for kids, make sure our last name isn't mentioned, our home city, etc. And that would help down the road with any sensitivity our kids might have about things I posted about.

    Other than that, blogs have been a lifeline for me throughout both our adoption processes . . . so I think it would be a great way to fulfill you dream of being a writer, while helping other families!

  3. Blog!!! Every morning I look through my list of blogs (mostly all adoption blogs) for something good. It's very encouraging reading about good news in the adoption process, milestones being made by adopted kids, and thoughts by other moms who know exactly what waiting feels like. Adoption is hard yet it is also beautiful. Even in difficult times, you have managed to tell a beautiful story! You encourage me to be faithful to God's plan set before me. Thank you for being honest about adoption and uplifting!