Monday, May 7, 2012

Just realized somthing

Apparently the High Court (Mumbai) closes from mid-May to June for about a month - it just occurred to me that if our court documents aren't completed and sent before court closing  - we may not be traveling in July.  Pray the documents are well on their way to completion and this court closing has nothing to do with our travel date, please :) 

Many people ask me, "How have you been able to handle this two year process....and all the waiting"...  here has been my strategy, for the most part.  Don't follow too many blogs and don't join any email yahoo groups, etc.  Keep your circle fairly small and trust in God through all things.  I think sometimes the more we know in the adoption process, the harder it is.....because at the end of the day, we can't control any of it....and the unmet timelines and expectations can be sometimes it's better not to know.  Also, I've learned that each of our stories are different, each region is different....and certainly the needs of each child is it's quite dangerous to measure one case against another, compare timelines, etc... it seems this will only set us up for even though I know court closes soon... I'm trusting in God to bring our little girl home in His perfect timing.... and relying on all of your prayers too :)

Happy Monday - Have a great week!


  1. Renae!! I will definitely be praying that your papers are exactly where they need to be so that your baby girl doesn't have to wait one moment longer than necessary.
    I also love your advice on how to handle the process. You are very wise! I just recently withdrew from a google group because of the exact reasons you stated. It's much more fun to encourage the small circle of blogs I've been following!

    I'm so excited for you and your family- you are in the home stretch!!! Praying for SPEED and EFFICIENCY from the Indian government!


  2. Praying for you Renae! I just know that the papers are going to be submitted in time! You are going to be able to spend part of the summer with your sweet little girl and then you'll be able to be with her to celebrate her birthday!! God is great!

    I do like your strategy! Many people have e-mailed me and asked about our process and why it all happened so's hard to explain how things work in India. Other countries have one process for the whole country, so it's easier to compare timelines and processes. India is a different story by far!

    SO excited for you! Let me know if you have any more questions about your trip!

  3. I will definitely be praying!!!

  4. Praying, praying!

    I totally get what you are saying about kind of 'unplugging' from adoption groups. I have joined one, and I don't read it a whole lot, but check in every now and then. I was just talking to Mer about this last week... I am naive to a lot of what is going on, and I guess I am counting on our agency to let me know if I should be concerned. I think it is better for me that way for now---b/c I tend to be a worrier anyway.

    Have a blessed week, and I pray you get news soon!

  5. Under the old process, there was a sense of momentum as families with our agency received referrals or traveled, because we knew where we were in the "line up." But now, I have to agree with you . . . hearing from other families working in other parts of the country can make me a little nuts. Not every state's courts are as adoption-friendly as some, and some judges inexplicably take longer than others. But I do still keep blog-stalking, because I'm excited to see movement happening ANYwhere! Praying your papers arrive before the shutdown!

  6. Totally praying about your papers. :)