Friday, May 4, 2012

Never a dull moment

Quick update on the library book -- funny...ordered the replacement book from Amazon and it was very mis-advertised and came in the mail about 2 inches by 4 inches instead of the full size hard library book.  So instead of "Where's waldo"... the joke was, "where's the book??" -- I mean really, the print was sooo small you could not even read it.  Through strange luck of events - found the right book at "Half-Priced Books" store ... so after amazon price and half-price book -- about $30 into this adventure.... brought the large book to the libarian - after a full inspection, she approved it and took it.  ....Picked up Joshua that same day...and in his backpack was the book again - only it was our half-priced book ...Joshua said, "librarian found the original book ON HER DESK!!"....UGH... lesson learned, don't overreact... when the librarian says she is missing a book..... give her a few days to "clean her desk" - before paying the cost to replace :)  It's ok - lesson taught to Joshua that we will work as a family to resolve our problems. -- so it's all good :)

Soccer - keep praying - it is working, Joshua is still loving his soccer - and accepting his role / position within the team gracefully.  Another game tomorrow - pray for sweet spirits and nurturing coaches.

Drama- my mom fractured / broke her ankle ...she fell down stairs at our house because she was carrying her dog and couldn't see the stairs.  It's been a real struggle to see her on crutches struggling - but hey, she's tough and is sticking with it -- and even going to work when she can. 

I wonder if God gives us all these distraction as a measure of grace? A measure of coping or dealing with stress?  Adoption waiting can be really challenging and painful.  I don't think people really understand unless you are in it.  One thing I've noticed is, I cope much better with the wait and the unknown, when I'm distracted with life. (And a friend spent the day with her boys really living "in the moment" and I just love that and was so inspired by her joy in the suffering of waiting for adoption news - hugs Miss Mer.).  I can't wait for the process of adoption to be over and the waiting ends.....for us and for many of you too :)  I really just want to be a family enjoying life, growing together, developing, changing.... and seeing what God has in store for us.  I just want our little girl "safe and sound" (as they say) and home in our arms.


  1. Oh, you made me cry. :) For real. It is true, it's the people who are going through the same thing that really understand the emotions involved. I think that is why you can become so close with people you've never even met. There is a bond between us, because only "we" can really understand one another. Glad I'm in the journey with YOU!

  2. I agree with Mer!! I feel like we are all one big cheerleading section, encouraging each other to the finish line! I don't know what I would do without that support system and I LOVE reading about and praying for everyone's journey. This has changed my relationship with Jesus in so many ways. Seeing how he is orchestrating each family's journey is absolutely amazing to me. I'm praying you will be *distracted* (in a good way!) so that the time flies by and before you know it you are on a plane to pick up your sweet princess!!