Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Introducing .....Lauren Anjali Blunt

Hi all -
Had a great surprise today, our agency rep sent an email with updated pictures of our Little Miss.  She also said that since she is "officially" ours, we can share her pictures.  I can't even tell you how blessed we are to have received these pictures, especially those with her Ayah.  I love the one where she is looking right at her Ayah to see if, "is this lady ok??" -- our agency rep (Lisa) was in India and got these pictures.... Lisa was trying to give her a lollipop -- which it appears she did eventually take, but she still wasn't sure of Lisa just yet.    I think Lisa was trying hard to get a smile, because Anjali is fearful of strangers...yep, she's crying in each picture... but that is totally ok with me... I know she is well loved there...and she loves them.... this is going to be so hard to take her away from everything she's ever known... please pray for her little heart to be prepared for that transition...and pray for me too that I can handle it as well.  I know we will be strong, because we want this more than anything...to bring her home...but boy, make NO mistake about it, it's gonna be hard!  But I love how she is loyal to what she knows and loves so deeply.... I know that's a great indication of how well she's been loved :) 

Pictures in order:
1.) first pair were her referral pics.... yep, the one picture is the outline on our blog header!!  She's finally revealed! :)  - I believe she's about 15-18 months here.

2.) second set are followup pictures taken in November of 2011 (she's a little over two there)

3.) last set - received today.... she's about 2 1/2

We love that she is growing and looks to be doing so well.  They say she's a very happy child and plays well with other children...she's just not sure about strangers :)  - That's ok with me.... she will eventually learn to trust and will stay close to us.... I'm sure there are many adoption families that will have lots of advice on going through this phase.... I'm ALL ears, friends and open to any help you can give us :)

For now, we continue to wait and long to hear those wonderful words, "it's time to travel, book those flights!"

Referral pictures..... YES!  We want her as our daughter!!

Opps - not sure how to turn this upright :)

Not really sure if I trust anyone with a camera......

Is she ok?  Can I take a lollipop from her?

I'll take two ....but I'm still not sure about you.

Isn't her Ayah beautiful!  .... It's ok little one ....it's ok.  We promise to love you and take the very best care of you and send pics to your friends in India so they can see how big you get.  We can't wait to meet you,
Love... Mommy, Daddy, and Joshua.


  1. Oh my goodness, Renae, she is absolutely beautiful!!!! I can't wait until she is home with you!

  2. She IS completely perfect and precious and beautiful and she sounds SOOOOOOOOO much like Charu did!!!!!!! I can't wait until you are in India!!!!! Hugs & Congrats!!!

  3. She is so cute, Renae. I cannot wait to see this little girl in your arms. :)

  4. How beautiful! Pictures are so exciting! Praying she will be in your arms soon.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is GORGEOUS!!! I'm thrilled for you!! Praying that you will be making that trip SOON!