Monday, September 24, 2012

A special thank you - for Butt Rubbin' BBQ

To Mer and Mike, Colista and Grant, Peter and Nancy, Sarah and David, Cory and Nikki, and Kristen-

You guys have blessed our family these months with encouragement and continuing wisdom, advice and prayers.  I pray one day we can all get together for some fun adoption reunion.  Mer seems to think a rental house in Florida (if I recall).... wouldn't that be great - all of us and umpteen million kiddos running around? 

But your surprise gift certificate from our beloved Kentucky Butt Rubbin' BBQ - just blew us away.... this generous gift will be so helpful for weeks to come when cooking just isn't in the cards.  (I can honestly say, at times we forget to eat - it's so busy and the energy is so high in our home with little Anjali - we're all getting used to it).  She is a handful, but so much fun ....and when she smiles or laughs...there is nothing better. 

So let us thank you from the bottom of our heart for giving us this gift -- see picture below of our VERY first dinner out as a family of four!  Yep - that's a playschool toy on the table - must travel with activites for little miss.  She loved the BBQ - but traded mine for hers once she poured sauce on hers (I hadn't gotten around to putting any sauce on mine just yet)  -- so glad her choice wasn't the totally HOT stuff :)  We traded - all was good.  :)   As you can see Joshua LOVES the restaurant name and takes this opportunity to exhibit bad tasteless manners.  I think he likes it because it allows him to say the word "butt".

Love you guys -
The Blunts.


  1. This picture makes me so happy! (And as a mom of boys, I totally understand the irresistable pull of the word 'butt'!) And you are a brave mama to take your new addition out to eat already! My hat's off to you. :o)

  2. This cracks me up!!! You should have heard Mer and I trying to figure out what the name of it was....we just knew the name was something kinda funny! Ditto on Nancy's comment about taking your new family out to eat!!! Kudos to you...we still struggle with it at times!!!
    So glad things are going well!! Hugs to you!!!

  3. Too funny! I'm so glad that you had a good time!

  4. Okay....I 100% agree with Nancy...this makes me SO happy!!!! :o)

    Love you!!!!

    Mer :)