Sunday, September 16, 2012

We're home and here is a pic where she's smiling :)

So we got home from India Friday morning.  I'll update blog later with daily journal events from our trip - right now our neighbor girls are here playing chase with Anjali after giving her a bath :)  These girls LOVE this little girl, and she likes them alot too -- all laughs and grins here.   She picked up the remote control and put it to her ear and said, "hello" as if it was the telephone :)  too funny, check out Nana in the pic enjoying her new granddaughter :)


  1. What a beautiful picture of your daughter!! (I enlarged it so I could stare at her better. :o) ) Many congratulations to your sweet family!

  2. It's hard to catch a smile with her - she's on the move :)

  3. Welcome home! Praying over your family as everyone is adjusting to each other.